About The Blog

Shoku no shokku is derived from Japanese and English word; shoku means food, and shokku or shock means shock. The literal meaning is food shock, but I actually even don't understand what is the meaning of food shock. Yeah, though sometimes I feel like food shock when I taste Korean or Manadonese food. (For me, Korean food has a bit strange flavor and Manadonese food are too spicy for me. But I like them.) Or maybe next time I'll get another food shock! Afterall, I just love with the rhyme, Shoku no Shokku.

Previously, I made the subdomain, opened new blog in order to practice in English writing. But ended up also write in Bahasa Indonesia. In this blog I will only post anything related to food, restaurant review, snack haul, even my kitchen experiment. Well, I lied. I wrote anything here. HAHAHA... #notsocommitted So, please enjoy!

Contact me:
E-mail: me [at] sittirasuna [dot] com
LINE: shirleyschaf


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