Apple Pie - McDonald's Indonesia

I read somewhere that McDonald's Indonesia had apple pie back then. Well, I didn't know that. My focus was only Happy Meal when I was kid.

And now~ McDonald's Indonesia is selling its Apple Pie again. Woo-hoo, so excited to try it! I tried McDonald's Apple Pie, Pineapple Pie (APPP?!), Taro Pie, etc. before but not here. Wondering why it took so long time for McDonald's Indonesia to sell Apple Pie...

Anyway, so here it is the Apple Pie!

More detail of the packaging.

Pardon my messy desk. Now let's see what is inside...

As written, the apple pie is so HOT, CRISPY, AND SO DELICIOUS. Warm apple filling, crunchy pastry, and cinnamon flavor, perfect for snack! Only Rp 10.000 (incl. tax), go grab it!

Am waiting for another pie from McDonald's Indonesia. Banana, maybe? Rujak? Like the McFlurry. 

Randomly, I want to sing...

I have an Apple
I have a pie
Apple Pie!

I have pineapple
I have a pie
Pineapple Pie!

McDonald's should make advertisement using Pikotaro's song... I guess.

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  1. MCD emang paling pinter baca trend... hhahaha
    PPIP :D