Snack From Japan Short Review!

I bought these stuff for myself. Cheap and various. If I had money, I would buy SKII Facial Treatment Essence for myself! Not that I am a big fan of KitKat and Pocky (I always buy souvenir for myself KitKat and Pocky and other snacks), but I am so curious with the flavor.

KitKat Wa-Ichigo (150 yen)

Bought this at Kansai International Airport. Delicious desu kedo, too sweet! Nah for me... I prefer the big size KitKat Strawberry bar.

KitKat Hokkaido Melon (150 yen)

Very artificial melon flavour! Nah, nah!

Toppo Rare Cheesecake (108 yen)

If you don't know Toppo, basically it is 'opposite' of Pocky. While Pocky has flavour outside the cookie sticks, Toppo's is inside. This is yeah for me since not so sweet and really taste like cheesecake.

Pocky Crystal Salty

Basically Pocky Chocolate but Glico put a pinch of salt on it. I like it! Chocolate but a bit slight of saltiness. Actually, we should put it in fridge, but didn't do that. Bought this at convenience store in Umeda Sky Building.

Pocky Brazilian Orange

Again, nah! Taste like children's orange soap. But yeah, it is really matched with summer.

Pocky Coconut

Pocky Chocolate with coconut! Not the best one, but I kinda like it.

Pocky Mango

Like artificial mango juice. This Pocky is produced by Glico Thai. Bought this in Jaya Grocer, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, Malaysia.

Some of them I forgot price, but no more than 170 yen!

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  1. Well after reading your reviews,I am thinking to give a try to these different flavoured kit kat.I would then write my comments here regarding these chocolates.