I HATE THIS SHOP (For Sailormoon Lovers)

As always, this post is also #throwback post. A lot of things to write, and I do not which one should I write first.

Anyway, last summer holiday, I visited the capital of Hokkaido, Sapporo, only for one night. Not many places I visited, but still a lot of stories to tell. What I want to tell right now is about a shop I found which located in Sapporo Station. I'm sorry I don't know what is the shop's name.

I was walking fast to go to JR part of station but a shop stopped me a while. This shop sells a lot of kawaii stuff. OH MY GOD. It's dangerous.

It is basically a store which sells girls' accessories, cosmetics, and stuff but there was a special section which really attracted me. I'll show you.

Rapunzel Solid Perfume 900 ¥ 

I smelled all of try mes. Some me likey. But NO, I wouldn't buy. But SO CUTE.

Sailor Moon Candies and Cookies 385 ¥

Sailor Moon Hand Gel ¥

Sailor Moon Towel 

Sailormoon Other CUTE Merchandises

Disney's Hand and Nail Cream

Disney's Hand Soap

I even don't watch nor read Sailor Moon and only know Moonlight Densetsu but still I think Sailor Moon merchandises are cuteee. After checking thorough and analyzing all the products I saw in that shop, I didn't buy anything. I didn't bother to. WHY?

1. I knew I won't need them.
2. It's too pricey. Cute Sailor Moon cookie for 3 USD?
3. I need to save.
4. It's just because I'm stingy.

Please someone give me all of them for me.