Nü Oceana Sea Salt Lemonade REVIEW

This morning, I visited long-time-no-visit nearest supermarket in my neighborhood, which called Superindo and I found this beautiful blue-sea colored bottle the fridge. So, I bought one. I'm a person who is always curious with how do the newest snacks and beverages in town taste. (*^▽^*) 

Recently, one of Nü products, Nü Green Tea reborn with new stylish packaging (volume decreased not?) and now has a brand new Nü Oceana. In the bottle, written 'Sea Salt Lemonade' so basically it is lemonade with some sea salt on it, right? But it is translated in Bahasa Indonesia (written in below left) as 'Minuman Sea Salt Rasa Lemonade' which means 'lemonade-flavor sea salt beverage', so the main thing is the 'sea salt beverage', not the lemonade. My English is very horrible, so can you explain to me?

Anyway, forget it. Bye.

From my personal point of taste view, Nü Oceana does taste like Sprite without carbon dioxide gas (=soda fizz) or like Pocari Sweat but you put a bit of lemon and more sugar. I cannot say this new product is not nice or tasty beverages, it is just not my kind of drink. Maybe if you like Pocari Sweat, you might like it.


Water, Sugar, Fructose, Lemon Consentrate (0.28%), Sea Salt, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate), Natural Identical Sea Salt, Lemonade Flavor.

Produced by:
PT. ABC President Indonesia

Price: Rp 7450 (± 70 yen, 0.56 usd)

Note: when I was writing this post, I saw on timeline. my blogger friend updated photos of Nü Oceana launching which took place today. Nü Oceana, congratulations!


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