Roti Sharon Steamed Cheese Cake

I really wanted to eat bread for lunch today. Unfortunately, there are not so many variety and selection in nearest supermarket. But then I saw: Roti Sharon Steamed Chocolate Cheese Cake. Somehow I ever heard this brand somewhere but never tried its product even once. So I grabbed Steamed Chocolate Cheese Cake and Steamed Banana Cheese Cake.

Maybe using Japanese alphabet on product packaging getting trendy? Or? Roti Sharon also put Japanese words on its packaging. 「おいしい」oishii which means 'delicious' and 「蒸しバナナチーズケーキ」means 'steamed banana cheese cake.'

I love steamed cake because it's so light and fluffy. Roti Sharon steamed cake is pretty good and I love the chocolate more than the banana one. I feel the banana taste like chemical essence. But wait... did I read cheese cake? Why couldn't I taste even slight of cheese? Is my tongue or... then I checked the packaging but unfortunately I couldn't find the ingredients.

I would like to try another bread from Roti Sharon. But in supermarket near my home only sell its steamed cheese (?!) cake.

Roti Sharon
Steamed Cheese Cake
Rp 9000 each


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