Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat from Japan!

One of a lot of things in Japan that I really hate is... too many cute things to buy! I love kawaii stuffs and cute weird snacks, so yeah...

I was in Japan last summer and tried a lot of snacks of course. My most favorites are Pocky and Kit Kat. Back then, I only saw original chocolate Kit Kat, Matcha, Sweet Potato but only few days before I visited Donki Nanba and it was snack heaven! Happened to see a lot of Kit Kat flavour I never saw before so I ended buying a lot of them.

One of them is Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat. 田丸屋本店わさびキットカット。Let's take a look.

Front view.
Let's look inside.
Full front view... 

The KitKat bars are light lime-colored and one small pack consists of two bars. After you bite it, you will taste the flavour of real wasabi, but it's not spicy and doesn't make shoot your nose. And it's so sweet lah... wonder like wasabi but sweet, hehehe. I didn't read all the information on the package so I don't know whether it is seasonal or not but this Kit Kat is special from Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Tamaruya-honten on this KitKat's name came from company who produces wasabi products from Shizuoka wasabi. The company has been in business for 130 years and producing more than 50 kinds of products such as wasabi snack, wasabi dressing, wasabi salt, and wasabi pickle.

I stayed in Japan for three months and has visited hundreds of konbini and stores, but I only saw this KitKat in Donki Nanba, Osaka. Maybe if you want to try...

Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat
1 box = 12 mini packages
Price = 864 JPY (expensive!)

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