Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing by Cak Mail

Yesterday morning (3/12), my house assistant went upstairs bringing a styrofoam food container and said, "I bought this for you."

"Chicken porridge?" Sometimes she buys chicken porridge from food stall near my house.

"No. It's pecel."
From Wikipedia: Pecel is a traditional Javanese salad, consisting of a mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing, usually served with steamed rice or sometimes with lontong or ketupat compressed rice cake.[1][2] The peanut sauce used in pecel is also similar to gado-gado. Peanut sauce for pecel has no coconut milk.[3] However pecel has been strongly associated with Javanese cuisine, while gado-gado is usually associated with Betawi and Sundanese cuisine. In Malaysia, it is called as pecal[4] which is introduced by the Javanese immigrants.
I don't do jajan a lot so yes it was my first time eating pecel from styrofoam food container. Usually, pecel is sold served in banana leaves or we usually call 'pincuk'. After thanking my house assistant, I started to try this pecel. My HA mistakenly gave me her pecel which is very hot, I just tried one bite of tempe and I couldn't hold... too hot! So I went downstairs to take the supposed-for-me pack of pecel =))

My today's breakfast.
The pecel contains some vegetables like bean sprouts, cassava leaves, spinach, long beans, also tempe goreng tepung (fried flour-covered tempe), lontong (rice cake), and rempeyek (kind of cracker made from flour and peanuts or fish). It's delicious you know~ super fresh! I prefer vegetable-main based Indonesian cuisine than those ones with coconut milk. ♥♥ 

Today, we again bought pecel from that stall. The stall looks clean and there were some office ladies who were waiting their pecel to be ready. We bought two pecel, one for my HA one for me. For me, again, not spicy, with egg, lontong, and tempe goreng tepung. One pack of pecel costs us 10.000, and egg/lontong/tempe will costs you extra charge. 

Cak Mail and a lady customer.
Tempe and bakwan.
This stall name is Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing. My HA said it was first opened around lebaran this year, and that time I was not in Jakarta, and I just knew yesterday. This stall open in the morning, around 6/7 am, until sold out. The owner, Cak Mail, couldn't ensure what time this stall will close but it is around 9-10 am. So come early, guyz!

I didn't ask about the stall name: Bambu Runcing, but I found in Surabaya there is a monument named Bambu Runcing. Well, this pecel is Surabaya-style and Cak Mail himself is originally from Surabaya, anyway! If you live or work in Tebet area, or happen just to pass by, don't forget to try Cak Mail's pecel!

Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing
Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam
near 7-Eleven Tebet Barat
next to Soto Madura and Siomay/Batagor stall

Cak Mail
For order: +62812 9935 3758
BBM: 57FAA751


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