Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat from Japan!

One of a lot of things in Japan that I really hate is... too many cute things to buy! I love kawaii stuffs and cute weird snacks, so yeah...

I was in Japan last summer and tried a lot of snacks of course. My most favorites are Pocky and Kit Kat. Back then, I only saw original chocolate Kit Kat, Matcha, Sweet Potato but only few days before I visited Donki Nanba and it was snack heaven! Happened to see a lot of Kit Kat flavour I never saw before so I ended buying a lot of them.

One of them is Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat. 田丸屋本店わさびキットカット。Let's take a look.

Front view.
Let's look inside.
Full front view... 

The KitKat bars are light lime-colored and one small pack consists of two bars. After you bite it, you will taste the flavour of real wasabi, but it's not spicy and doesn't make shoot your nose. And it's so sweet lah... wonder like wasabi but sweet, hehehe. I didn't read all the information on the package so I don't know whether it is seasonal or not but this Kit Kat is special from Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Tamaruya-honten on this KitKat's name came from company who produces wasabi products from Shizuoka wasabi. The company has been in business for 130 years and producing more than 50 kinds of products such as wasabi snack, wasabi dressing, wasabi salt, and wasabi pickle.

I stayed in Japan for three months and has visited hundreds of konbini and stores, but I only saw this KitKat in Donki Nanba, Osaka. Maybe if you want to try...

Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat
1 box = 12 mini packages
Price = 864 JPY (expensive!)

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I Want the "Regular Takoyaki", Please!

Time to practice writing in English! Woo-hoo! Sorry if my vocabulary and grammar not so good~!


My mom and I were craving for takoyaki~ and still until today. Previous summer holiday, my mom went to Japan for the first time and she was so impressed by how delicious Japanese food are. We went to Osaka, and bought one box of takoyaki, and she thought they were super delicious.

The word of takoyaki consists of two Chinese characters 蛸 which means 'octopus' and 焼, means 'to fry or to grill'. Takoyaki is one of most popular Japanese snacks which made from wheat flour batter and cooked in ball shaped takoyaki pan. Inside the ball, filled with diced octopus and the batter sometimes mixed with ginger, tempura crispy, and spring onion. On top of takoyaki usually they put takoyaki sauce, dried katsuobushi, mayonnaise, and sprinkled with seaweed.

Five months after my mom’s holiday to Japan, she still craving for takoyaki, so after I arrived Jakarta, and we went to a mall, and found there is a restaurant where sell takoyaki~ we were so excited.

It was around 11 am, and I guess we were first customer who ordered takoyaki on that day.

I told the staff, “I want medium portion (8 balls) ordinary takoyaki.” Then we took to seats and other staff walked toward us to give us menu but we already ordered, so I said, “I already ordered, we want medium portion of ordinary takoyaki,”

The staff’s response, “What filling do you want? We have chicken, tuna, cheese, and you can mix them.”

“No thank you, we want regular ORDINARY takoyaki.”

Few minutes later, she came with order slip and stuck it to side of the table, and few minutes later I just realized that they put “KING OCTOPUS AND CHESE” (yeah it's lack of one 'e') on the order so I called the staff~ and said, “Sorry, we didn’t ask for cheese topping, and why there is cheese in order slip?”

“So you don’t want cheese for the topping?”

“Yeah we only want the octopus.”

“But the takoyaki almost ready~”

“But we don’t ask cheese.”

After we waited for 23 minutes, the takoyaki we were craving for coming~ wuaaa... eight big balls of takoyaki served in plate, looks so yummy.

Takoyaki~ yummyyy!

Luckily, though we had hard time (hyperbolic I know hahaha!) to explain that we only wanted the ordinary takoyaki which is filled with octopus, but Okirobar -name of restaurant we visited- has really good takoyaki. Okirobar also very generous on giving mayonaise and takoyaki sauce, yummy. It does taste similar to takoyaki in Osaka. Takoyaki in Osaka is really soft and melting~ and Okirobar is abit hard on the surface so makes it crispier, slight different with the real takoyaki, but that's okay since the taste is very good!

The next day, we went to another mall. And we... again bought takoyaki.

It was Okirobox in Kota Kasablanka, and it is in same group with Okirobar. We bought again 8 balls of takoyaki filled with OCTOPUS only. Anyway, takoyaki from Okirobar costs us 64.700 and Okirobar for 48.000.

Okirobox takoyaki looks a bit different from Okirobar takoyaki, smaller, and not so generous for katsuobushi and sauces. Taste different also. The takoyaki sauce not so hmmm~ sorry do not have good vocabulary hahaha but anyway, well Okirobar takoyaki taste better.

We sure want to revisit Okirobox/Okirobar shop to eat some takoyaki~ but takoyaki there not so cheap what and I need to reduce expenses, hahaha... Anyway, Okirobar restaurant has really good design, so if you are kind of person who take picture of restaurant you visited, maybe you will like Okirobar!

Okirobar Grand Indonesia Level 5 // Instagram
Okirobox Kota Kasablanka LG Floor Unit 1 // Twitter

Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing by Cak Mail

Yesterday morning (3/12), my house assistant went upstairs bringing a styrofoam food container and said, "I bought this for you."

"Chicken porridge?" Sometimes she buys chicken porridge from food stall near my house.

"No. It's pecel."
From Wikipedia: Pecel is a traditional Javanese salad, consisting of a mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing, usually served with steamed rice or sometimes with lontong or ketupat compressed rice cake.[1][2] The peanut sauce used in pecel is also similar to gado-gado. Peanut sauce for pecel has no coconut milk.[3] However pecel has been strongly associated with Javanese cuisine, while gado-gado is usually associated with Betawi and Sundanese cuisine. In Malaysia, it is called as pecal[4] which is introduced by the Javanese immigrants.
I don't do jajan a lot so yes it was my first time eating pecel from styrofoam food container. Usually, pecel is sold served in banana leaves or we usually call 'pincuk'. After thanking my house assistant, I started to try this pecel. My HA mistakenly gave me her pecel which is very hot, I just tried one bite of tempe and I couldn't hold... too hot! So I went downstairs to take the supposed-for-me pack of pecel =))

My today's breakfast.
The pecel contains some vegetables like bean sprouts, cassava leaves, spinach, long beans, also tempe goreng tepung (fried flour-covered tempe), lontong (rice cake), and rempeyek (kind of cracker made from flour and peanuts or fish). It's delicious you know~ super fresh! I prefer vegetable-main based Indonesian cuisine than those ones with coconut milk. ♥♥ 

Today, we again bought pecel from that stall. The stall looks clean and there were some office ladies who were waiting their pecel to be ready. We bought two pecel, one for my HA one for me. For me, again, not spicy, with egg, lontong, and tempe goreng tepung. One pack of pecel costs us 10.000, and egg/lontong/tempe will costs you extra charge. 

Cak Mail and a lady customer.
Tempe and bakwan.
This stall name is Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing. My HA said it was first opened around lebaran this year, and that time I was not in Jakarta, and I just knew yesterday. This stall open in the morning, around 6/7 am, until sold out. The owner, Cak Mail, couldn't ensure what time this stall will close but it is around 9-10 am. So come early, guyz!

I didn't ask about the stall name: Bambu Runcing, but I found in Surabaya there is a monument named Bambu Runcing. Well, this pecel is Surabaya-style and Cak Mail himself is originally from Surabaya, anyway! If you live or work in Tebet area, or happen just to pass by, don't forget to try Cak Mail's pecel!

Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing
Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam
near 7-Eleven Tebet Barat
next to Soto Madura and Siomay/Batagor stall

Cak Mail
For order: +62812 9935 3758
BBM: 57FAA751