Osaka Shopping Haul

Yesterday (18/7), I went to Osaka. Not a really good day though, because all trains delayed and there was reduction too due to typhoon and heavy rain two days ago. I was planning to see around Osaka and didn't google anything about Osaka, and ended up going to information center in Osaka Station and no map there :( Google Maps? I don't have internet, hehehe, just dependent to wi-fi. So I decided to go to Nanba. And I had to wait 30 minutes before the Osaka Loop Line train started moving.

From Kobe to Nanba? Two hours, include waiting time :( Hope today trains schedule will be fine!

I got migrain yesterday so I only spent time at Nanba and the shotengai (shopping centre). I think my migrain caused by seeing a lot of people in Nanba. I've been three weeks in Kobe and Sannomiya Shotengai, the crowd level is not crowd for me, so a bit shock to see crowd in Osaka, I guess. If I compared to Sannomiya, the stores not that different, yes Nanba has a bit more shops but yeah I prefer Sannomiya :-P And I don't find many pachinko places in Sannomiya.

I didn't shop much but here it is my shopping haul. I only spent around 2000JPY (17 USD), coz I'm such a cheapskate =))

1. Nestle Butterfinger, around JPY 220
2. M&M's Caramel Apple JPY 108
3. Pretz Hawaii Pineapple Flavour JPY 117
4. Pretz Canada Maple Flavour JPY 117
5. Pretz China -I can't read the kanji- JPY 117
6. Gachapon Pocky JPY 200
7. Three pair of socks JPY 49 (cheap!)
8. One pair of socks, the rightest JPY 108
9. iPhone Waterproof Case JPY 108
10. Shopping Bag, below right JPY 108
11. Japanese Summer Slippers JPY 108
12. Hello Kitty & My Melody Postcard (each pack JPY 216)

Hahaha I guess I'm a shopaholic, but cheapshopaholic :-p
Will go to Osaka to shop more again!


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