Tomyam Kelapa

My blogger friend from Banjarnegara, Idah Ceris came to Jakarta and stayed at my house. She wanted to see around Jakarta but didn't have planned itinerary so we just go to random places we decided in the morning. The first day, we went to my campus because I needed to meet my lecturer and after that paid a visit to my campus' huge library, Crystal of Knowledge. Then we rode commuter line to Jakartakota to attend a blogger gathering hosted by Mister Aladin. The second day, we decided to go to Bogor and the third day she was very galau because we planned to go to our friend's warung but she was afraid of missing her bus to Banjarnegara.

But afterall, we managed to go to our friend's warung in Tangerang, woo-hoo!

For those who don't know, one of admin of Komunitas Warung Blogger, Sobat Bercahaya, opened his culinary business three months ago. He has a store in a kind of foodcourt. He sells many cuisine ranging from tomyam, fried rice, to chicken noodle but specialties there are Tomyam Kelapa, seafood tom yum served on a coconut, and Kwetio Kungpao, Kungpao style thin noodle.

Sobat Bercahaya treated us Tomyam Kelapa and Kwetio Kungpao. At that time, he had shortage of coconut so the Tomyam Kelapa served on a bowl. We got each portion of Kwetio Kungpao and Tomyam Kelapa for each of us. 

Tomyam Kelapa in bowl.
Kwetio Kungpao.
I fell in love in the first bite with the Kwetio Kungpao. The taste just fit my tastebud. The sweetness and the savory mixes well, and it was different with Kwetiau I've ever tasted. After this, I would miss the Kwetio Kungpao, wish Sobat Bercahaya had store in near of my house. And the Tomyam Kelapa, so tasteful with the spiciness and the sour flavor from the Tomyam paste and so fresh from the flavor of coriander leaves. We can find squid and many shrimps there =)) Unfortunately, I am a person who cannot tahan with spicy things so I ended up not finishing the soup. But honestly, the Tomyam was delicious.

Two months later, I re-visited to Tomyam Kelapa with my other fellow blogger: MF Abdullah and Rivai. It was on 2nd day of fasting month.

This time I ordered Kwetio Kungpao (again! Coz I miss its taste!) and Tomyam Kelapa for my friends. I told to Sobat Bercahaya, if I'm not full after finishing the Kwetio Kungpao, I'll order food again. So yes, we actually decided to order one portion of Nasi Goreng Seafood and sharing it but... Sobat Bercahaya gave us two portions. Ok lah, we gave one plate for MF Abdullah whom we knew he still not full :-p The Nasi Goreng was good also... as good as his Tomyam Kelapa and Kwetio Kungpao.

The 'real' Tomyam Kelapa coz served in coconut bowl =))
I'm too shy to put my face in blogpost. Left to right: me, Sobat Bercahaya, MF Abdullah, Rivai.
2nd round! Nasi Goreng Seafood!
Re-visit? Of course, though, yes, his store is very far from my house but his cooking very nice and the prices so friendly (with me who currently no job, hahaha). Is there anyone who want to treat me?

Tomyam Kelapa
Saung Ibu Pintu Perumahan Villa Bintaro Indah
Jombang, Ciputat, Tangerang
+62 823 2223 1446


  1. Ngga nyangka banget Kak Baha bisa masak se enak itu lho. Tomyamnya segar, kwetionya juga rasanya juga ngga biasa. Pingin tomyam kelama lagii. . .

    1. Emang don't judge from the cover lah, hahaha...

  2. Mba kenapa wajah'a di Sensor -_-

  3. unik banget tomyam kelapa hehe baru tau ini :D