Milkis 밀키스

I often upload random snack or beverage I bought from minimarket. I think it should be better I post the mini review of random things I eat and drink here. The reviews will be under Random Snack & Beverage label.

Now is the turn for Milkis 밀키스, a soft drink produced by Lotte Chilsung, a beverage company from Korea. I bought this today in Indomaret in one of stations in Jakarta. Price is 7.500, and maybe more expensive than in Carrefour or Lottemart.

First time I tasted Milkis, reminded me of Calpis, same like Calpico in Indonesia, produced by Japan company. Taste like milk (of course!!) but in softer way and carbonated. Taste good but probably not my favorite. I have tried the Melon flavor also. I hope more flavor of Milkis coming to Indonesia coz I only seen the original and Melon one.

Do you like Milkis?

Milkis Minuman Rasa Susu Soda
Indomaret Rp 7500.


  1. Lumayan daripada ke warkop nih na, cobain deh ah hihi