Milkis 밀키스

I often upload random snack or beverage I bought from minimarket. I think it should be better I post the mini review of random things I eat and drink here. The reviews will be under Random Snack & Beverage label.

Now is the turn for Milkis 밀키스, a soft drink produced by Lotte Chilsung, a beverage company from Korea. I bought this today in Indomaret in one of stations in Jakarta. Price is 7.500, and maybe more expensive than in Carrefour or Lottemart.

First time I tasted Milkis, reminded me of Calpis, same like Calpico in Indonesia, produced by Japan company. Taste like milk (of course!!) but in softer way and carbonated. Taste good but probably not my favorite. I have tried the Melon flavor also. I hope more flavor of Milkis coming to Indonesia coz I only seen the original and Melon one.

Do you like Milkis?

Milkis Minuman Rasa Susu Soda
Indomaret Rp 7500.

7-Eleven in Indonesia

In case you’re wondering how 7-Eleven in Indonesia, I have some photos to show to y’all guyz. Near from my home there is a 7-Eleven store, only maybe just 200 meters away. In my country, 7-Eleven is bigger than they have in Japan and Thailand. This is not about the variety of products but about the area. Indonesians love to sit and chit-chatting with friends so the 7-Eleven Indonesia owners changed the concept adapting Indonesian culture, yes we have several chairs and tables in each 7-Eleven store so we can relax and dine in.

I have been to 7-Eleven in Japan and Thailand. The numbers of 7-Eleven stores in Indonesia is much less than those countries. We already have Indomaret and Alfamart, brands of minimarket here, so we don’t have 7-Eleven in each corner of our city like in Japan or Thailand. Kinds of product sold more or less similar, I mean not the brands, but snacks, candies, instant noodles, beverages, cigarettes, Slurpee, bakeries, and hot dog. But in our country, 7-Eleven products of ready to eat (?!) is not as various as in Japan or Thailand. We have some rice, pudding, sandwich, and so on.

Every 7-Eleven has ATM machines, most of them have Bank CIMB Niaga and Sinarmas, but near my home has also Bank Mandiri and Bank Panin. Each 7-Eleven also has Sevelin which is a machine where we can buy concert tickets or credits for phone. I’m not sure whether we can buy plane tickets there.

Well no more words… here some photos for youuu to see and scroll!

Chicken Katsu, Fried Chicken, Karaage, and so on...


New product. But me don't like it :(

There are some imported snacks too.

We don't have many varieties like those in Thailand :(

Sevelin machine.

Is it similar with 7-Eleven in your country? ^^