After we spent our money on overpriced yet disappointing food from Foodtruck Infashion, my friend, Retno and I just wanted to go home. But when we walked, Retno told me she wanted to eat in the popular UNION. So we changed our way to Plaza Senayan! Well, I was a bit afraid coz I wore flip flop and t-shirt, and in UNION dressing smart casual is requested.

20 minutes walking and we arrived at UNION. It was Saturday evening so the waiting list a bit long. We had to wait for 10 names. But they put time limit for customers to stay so the host (staff) can calculate how many minutes we had to wait. She said, maybe table would be available in 40-50 minutes. And yes, after 45 minutes, she called me by phone and told us our table already available.

We back to UNION at 5.54PM and they gave us time limit to stay until 7.30PM. Oh, and about my dress... the host looked at my sandals and didn't tell me anything. Maybe coz I didn't wear real rubber flipflop sandals.

Retno ordered Whole Roast Baby Chicken with Potato Wedges, Garden Vegetables, and Gravy Sauce. Also Raspberry Iced Tea for the drink. I ordered Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake and Lychee Iced Tea.

We looked around and some tables got free welcome bread but some not. Why we didn't get the free bread? Maybe because we dressed gembel-ly? HAHAHAHA!

Here's the foods and drinks we ordered!

Potato Wedges, Garden Vegetables, Gravy (120K)

We had to wait for 30 mins for this. In menu written 25 mins, hahaha. Retno told a joke that baby chicken is colored little chicken that we used to see in front our elementary school. So the staff needed to go to nearest elementary school (SD) to get the baby chicken, hahaha.

The chicken so juicy and we could taste the spices even in the middle part. The taste reminded me of ayam kremes taste, though it was roasted chicken. The potato wedges were so nice, I thought it was a bit salty but Retno said it was not. But I admitted it's good so crunchy and crispy. The gravy sauce were so so as for me.


At first I thought I would buy Butterscotch Fudge Pie, my favorite cake in UNION. But then I thought I should try other cake too so I chose this. The portion very ultra huge resulted me very full after finishing this. Taste not like another kind chocolate cake but not extraordinary. I prefer Red Velvet cake.


Behind is Raspberry Iced Tea. Iced tea not so sweet so it is click for people who doesn't like sweet. The lychee only one, heh :( Not so special iced tea, just ok lah.

I love the ambience, interior, and the decoration. Maybe it is classic American style? So comfy but I was disappointed because we went there in the evening so remang-remang and couldn't get any good pics (it is just me who not good at photos). But I don't love the price, for my current purse condition, it considered expensive, hahaha...

Re-visit? OF COURSE!
I still want to try their cakes and re-buy Butterscotch Fudge Pie!

UNION Brasserie, Bakery, & Bar
Plaza Senayan Courtyard, GF, Jakarta


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