Taste of Portuguese in Macau

Last November, I participated on a familiarization (fam) trip by Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO). And really excited when I saw the itinerary, there were Portuguese (Macanese) dining in the schedule. That was not my first time visiting Macau, but in my first visit, I didn't have chance to try Portuguese cuisine. Except the famous Portuguese egg tart. Reason? Budget =)) I also never eat Portuguese food in Indonesia.

Macanese Coca Cola.
So here it is, my story of dining some Portuguese meals!

1. Lord Stow's Portuguese Egg Tart

Well actually this is not truly 'Portuguese'. Coz the shop itself owned by an Englishman named Andrew Stow, established since 1989. Andrew gave an English touch to his Portuguese egg tart, to the custard so it is not an ordinary 'Portuguese' egg tart. Mas Alexander Thian treated us because in the night before he won on Baccarat game in the casino. Each costs 8 MOP (12K rupiah) while one dozen costs 90 MOP (150K rupiah). 

Besides the egg tarts, they also sell attractive bread, good-looking cheesecake, appealing iced-coffee, but I tried to tahan myself not to buy coz I knew MGTO would feed me a lot in next stop (Miramar Restaurant), hahaha. I only bought a juice in box because I was very thirsty.

Lord Stow's Bakery shop. 
Fresh from the oven.
I love it. One of the best Portuguese egg tart I've ever tried. The custard is very fluffy, soft, and smooth. And the pastry is so crispy. Perfect! We enjoyed the egg tart in a small public area near Lord Stow's Bakery where we can sit and relax facing to Zhuhai City with megahotel Chimelong panorama. So relaxing...

Lord Stow's Bakery
1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane, Macau
Tel: (+853) 2888 2534
Open Daily 07:00 - 22:00
To get there: Bus 15, 21A, 25, 26, 26A, 50 to Coloane Village

2. Miramar Restaurant

After wandering around Coloane and Hac Sa beach, we had our lunch at Miramar, a Portuguese restaurant. I didn't take many photos because I was so hungry. Well, I don't have any impression for the interior, so no comment for that, hahaha. But the staffs very friendly and some of them are Filipino and they don't speak Cantonese. One staff named Myrna, I thought she was Indonesian, but actually a Pinoy.

We were served some bread, Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato (clams), Sonhos de Bacalhau (codfish bal), Salada de Polvo (octopus salad), dan Gambas à Alhinho (shrimp). For main course we had Barbequed Chicken, Lamb Chop, dan Arroz de Marisco (seafood rice). I don't have any complaints for the food, but the food served a lot lot so we couldn't finish all of the food, sorryyy.

The staff said that their specialty is the seafood rice. Taste sour because of the tomato and lemon juice inside, but it was very good!! I wish I could find Portuguese seafood rice in Jakarta!

Miramar has many cakes and desserts. But unfortunately, we didn't get any desserts there and even I want to order by myself, I couldn't eat it coz my belly oredy full, huft.

Zona Norte da Praia de Hác Sá, Coloane
Tel: (+853) 2888 2623
Open Everyday, Weekday 11.30-15.00 and 18.00-23.00, Weekend 11.30-23.00

3. Gosto, Galaxy Macau

Our last dinner in Macau, we spent it at Portuguese/Macanese restaurant inside of big resort Galaxy, Gosto. The logo Gosto uses for its sign is pig figure so it made me a bit anxious coz I don't eat pork lah. We had our dinner in a private room and after the waiter gave us the menu... hm, we were confused what we should to order. But there was a miscommunication, so actually MGTO already booked dinner set so we didn't have to order by ourselves.

I enjoyed my dinner here, I love all the food. We were served big shrimps (I dunno what the actual food name), Salada de Polvo (octopus salad), Sopa de Tomate (Portuguese tomato soup with poached eggs), bread and butter. What I just mentioned were only the starters. We had Galinha à africana, African-styled chicken cooked with coconut milk and Piri-piri sauce for the main course. There was a side dish but I forgot the name, but made from fish, I only tasted a bit so I orso forgot the taste, sorry. For the good ending, we had Biscuit Mousse and egg tart.

Octopus salad!
I don't know why some of my friends didn't like the Octopus salad so I finished two plates and half of them. Made me already full even before the main course were served. The octopus salad a bit sour and very fresh. I like it. Shrimp also very big, fresh and niceee... omg I seldom to eat seafood so I was very happy that time... Oh yes, my friend Zahra said that Gosto's butter are very tasty. She said it was different with another butter. Well, I don't know, for me tasted same, hahaha...

The tomato soup taste like tomato puree we usually use for cooking tomato-based spaghetti. But this soup tasted very fresh and the egg, I love it. I also don't understand some of my friends didn't like this too. Hmphft. For the main course... well, I was full that time, so I think the chicken was okay, a bit spicy, but okay. I maybe would love it more if I didn't eat octopus salad a lot, hahaha. Though I oredi felt my stomach very full, but still... I have another stomach special for dessert. So I finished my biscuit mousse... and also tried a bite of the egg tart. Lord Stow's better lah.

Sopa de Tomato.

Galinha a Africana. Well I should take culinary photography lesson why my photos very bad taken hahhh.
Some of us also ordered Sangria, Portuguese cocktails made of wine, juice, and chopped fruits. Well I don't like alcohol so it just so so for me. (Write don't like but finished one glass lol).

Photobombed by Barry Kusuma =,=
G21, G/F, East Promenade, Galaxy Hotel Macau
Tel: (+853) 8883 2221
Mon-Sun 12.00-15.00 and 18.00-23.00, except Public Holidays 12.00-23.00

Don't ask me how much the cost coz I don't know, hahaha!

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Sauteed Spaghetti with Tomato, Zucchini, and Eggplant

My mom got sick and she's at home today. She wanted to cook for me, anything. So I asked her to cook vegetarian spaghetti. Then my mom asked me to shop veggies at supermarket. I bought so many... paprika, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, onion, etc. Unfortunately, no stock of spinach or kailan and suitable veggies there.

At noon, we ended up taking a nap and woke up around 3.30PM. Then my mom went to nearby salon to get some manicure and pedicure and before she left she said, "You cook yourself, okay? It's easy, you just need onion, pepper, and oregano, and saute all the veggies. It does not take long coz veggies quickly cooked."

I was like, "Okay..." I forgot when was my last time working in the kitchen.

These what I used:
❤ Eggplant
❤ Zucchini
❤ Paprika
❤ Tomato
❤ Tomato Paste
❤ Celery
❤ Onion
❤ Garlic
❤ Pepper
❤ Salt
❤ Oregano
❤ Oil
❤ Cheese
❤ Spaghetti

What I did:
1. Boil the spaghetti for 8-10 minutes
2. Cut the eggplant, zucchini, paprika, tomato, garlic, pepper into forms I don't know what I have to call as.
3. Saute onion, garlic at medium heat, and put the eggplant, zucchini, paprika, tomato, tomato paste, salt, pepper and oregano, mix.
4. Put the boiled spaghetti in the sauteed veggies and mix them at small heat.

Ta-daaaa, finished! And I was disappointed with the result, looked so horrible and smell no good. Actually it was from the paprika, I hate spiciness smell though I know paprika is not hot. I expected fresh look of the pasta but I forgot I even didn't use any green veggies except celery for garnish. All look red =,=

But when I tasted, it turned out not bad... I put some cheese on top so my dish not suitable for vegetarian.

After I ate, my mom came back from salon. She tried my cooking, and she also said it was not bad, and advised me to do more cooking coz it is better than if we buy outside food. Should learn more cooking coz now I am very bad at that field. But I guess I can survive if I have to live alone and cook for myself, hehehe...

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Spesial Untuk Hansik Lovers (Ulasan Korean Restaurant Guide)

Pertama kali aku mencicipi masakan Korea adalah waktu sekolah dasar. Ibuku mengajakku ke sebuah restoran Korea tak jauh dari rumah. Yang aku ingat, kami makan daging yang dibakar sendiri di atas meja makan. Bulgogi. Dan nasi. Mungkin kami memesan sayur, tapi aku sudah tidak ingat. Setelah itu, aku tak pernah mencoba masakan Korea lagi sampai Hallyu Wave tiba di Indonesia.

Hallyu Wave merupakan fenomena globalisasi budaya pop Korea. Banyak orang bertransformasi menjadi penggemar drama Korea, lagu pop Korea, boyband, selebriti, pokoknya semua yang beraroma Korea. Aku bukan penggemar fanatik drama dan lagu Korea yang selalu menonton konser artis Korea di Indonesia, tapi tak bisa dipungkiri kekuatan Hallyu Wave membuatku juga menonton beberapa drama Korea dan mendengarkan satu-dua lagu Korea.

Kimchi, anyone?
Termasuk pula mencicipi kulinernya.

Di dalam drama, banyak makanan Korea yang bisa kita kenal. Tteokpokki, bibimbab, kimbab, yang dulu aku bertanya-tanya, bagaimana sih rasanya? Kemudian suatu ketika, aku berkesempatan makan di restoran tradisional Korea di bilangan SCBD. Aku senang sekali melihat beberapa piring side dish yang disajikan di meja makan, kimchi, kacang, sayur, ah enak sekali. Yang aku suka pula, kalau makan di restoran tradisional Korea, hanya membeli main course saja, minum dan dessert sudah dapat gratis. Kemudian aku pun jatuh cinta dengan hansik (masakan Korea).

Tentunya banyak dari kita yang suka masakan Korea kan? Yayasan Makanan Korea (Korean Food Foundation) meluncurkan buku panduan kuliner Korea dan juga aplikasi berjudul Korean Restaurant Guide yang bisa diunduh secara gratis melalui Android dan iOS.

KFF menelurkan aplikasi Korean Restaurant Guide untuk beberapa kota. Untuk Kota Jakarta, digabungkan dengan Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Aplikasi ini memuat informasi mengenai beberapa top Korean restaurant di Jakarta. Dan aplikasi ini bukan sekadar informasi mengenai restoran saja lho.

Pada halaman utama, kita akan sampai pada pilihan kota Jakarta atau Kuala Lumpur. Di ikon kanan atas, Style ada empat pilihan style restoran yang bisa kita pilih: BBQ, Family Style, Formal Dining, dan Casual Style. Jangan sampai saja, kita inginnya menikmati bakar-bakar daging sendiri di meja makan, tahunya kecele di restoran yang kita datangi tidak punya fasilitas itu.

Gambar 1. Tampilan halaman utama HOME aplikasi Korean Restaurant Guide.
Di bagian bawah, terdapat lima menu yang dapat dipilih: HOME, SEARCH, MAP, +MENU, dan KFF. Di bagian SEARCH, kita dapat mengetik restoran mana yang kita cari. Hasil pencariannya menjadi satu antara yang berlokasi Jakarta dan Kuala Lumpur. Pada bagian MAP, kita bisa lihat di titik mana saja terdapat restoran Korea. Jadi kita bisa tahu jarak dari lokasi kita ke restoran yang ingin kita datangi.

Nah, kalau nama restoran yang kita cari atau lihat dalam MAP diklik, segala informasi tentang restoran tersebut akan muncul. Mulai dari testimonial, ulasan, menu specialty, alamat, peta, dan bahkan biaya kisaran yang harus dikeluarkan. Lengkap.

Kemudian pada +MENU, terdapat daftar nama masakan Korea. Menu ini sangat informatif banget apalagi buat yang belum banyak tahu nama masakan Korea sepertiku. Aku sering dengar samgyeopsal, yukhoe, galbitang, tapi nggak tahu itu apaan. Dari +MENU ini aku bisa tahu tuh masakan dari apa itu semua. Penjelasan masakan Korea ini terdapat dalam empat bahasa: Indonesia, Malay, English, dan Bahasa Korea.

Gambar 2. Tampilan menu +MENU
Pada menu terakhir, yaitu KFF, terdapat penjelasan tentang Yayasan Makanan Korea, dan link-link social media yang dimiliki oleh KFF. Terdapat juga daftar aplikasi lain yang diluncurkan oleh KFF. Di sana aku lihat ternyata, KFF punya aplikasi KOREAN MENU GUIDE, loh. Jadi penasaran mau download.

Aplikasi Korean Restaurant Guide sangat berguna bagi penggemar kuliner Korea namun masih punya PR yang banyak untuk improvisasi aplikasinya.

1. Judul aplikasi tanpa spasi.
Untuk mengunduh aplikasi ini, kita harus menuliskan dalam pencarian sebagai: koreanrestaurantguide, tanpa spasi. Sedangkan apabila menuliskannya dengan: Korean restaurant guide, tidak terdapat aplikasi ini dalam pencarian Play Store.

2. Jumlah restoran yang sedikit.
Hanya dua puluh restoran saja yang terdapat di dalam bagian Indonesia. Padahal kalau kita susuri Jalan Wolter Monginsidi dan Senopati saja lebih dari 20 restoran Korea yang ada di sana. Selain itu, restoran yang kerap disebut sebagai salah satu yang terenak oleh beberapa guru Bahasa Korea-ku, yaitu Tobak, malah tidak ada dalam Restaurant Guide ini.

Gambar 3. Halaman Chung Gi Wa.

3. Kesalahan dan tidak lengkapnya alamat.
Pada menu Bibigo, alamat dituliskan Pacific Plaza, seharusnya Pacific Place. Seperti pada menu Chung Gi Wa, alamat yang tertera adalah di Darmawangsa. Padahal Chung Gi Wa memiliki beberapa cabang di Jakarta dan bahkan di kota lain. 

4. Tampilan tulisan yang kurang beraturan dan typo.
Saya tidak paham apakah ini karena jenis telepon genggam yang saya pakai tapi layout tulisan dalam aplikasi agak kurang rapi. Seperti pada gambar di atas, tulisan 'No Telp', bagian 'Telp' seperti menindih. Selain itu, garis strip (lihat Gambar 2) untuk sambung suku kata tidak pada tempat seharusnya. Typo atau kesalahan penulisan juga masih banyak ditemukan dalam aplikasi ini. Kecil tapi mengganggu.

5. Daftar menu masakan Korea yang kurang lengkap.
Menu +Menu dalam aplikasi ini menurut saya sangat informatif, namun kurang lengkap. Miyeokguk, sup rumput laut saja tidak ada. Agar lebih mudah, hendaknya menu dibagi menurut kategori jenis masakannya. Apakah dia daging, sup (guk 국, tang 탕), nasi (bab 밥), bubur, stew (jjigae 찌개), mi (myeon 면, guksu 국수) dan lain-lain. Dengan begitu, pencarian menu akan lebih mudah.

Di samping kekurangannya, aplikasi ini sangat bagus. Navigasi dan pencariannya sangat mudah. Namun apabila diperbaiki kekurangannya, aku yakin aplikasi ini sangat powerful. Karena sangat handy dan nggak perlu googling bingung kata kunci untuk mencari jawaban dari pertanyaan, "Makan masakan Korea di mana ya kita?"

Suka masakan Korea, guys? Kalau suka, aplikasi ini pas buat kamu.

Tulisan ini diikutsertakan dalam I Love Korean Food Challenge yang diadakan oleh Komunitas Indonesian Food Blogger (IDFB). Selain challenge menulis, terdapat juga lomba selfie yang hadiahnya satu unit telepon genggam! Deadlinenya sama dengan challenge ini yaitu hari ini (2/2) jam 12 malam.

1. Posting photo selfie dengan dengan aplikasi Korean Restaurant Guide di Twitter dan Instagram.
2. Untuk Twitter, follow & mention @idfoodblogger @HanInPost_Id dengan hashtag #KFF #KFoodApplication #idfb #idfbxKFF.
3. Untuk Instagram. follow @idfoodblogger dan gunakan hashtag #KFF #KFoodApplication #idfbxKFF .

Untuk info lebih lanjut mengenai aplikasi Korean Restaurant Guide dan Korean Food Foundation, please visit:

KFF: www.hansik.org; koreanfood.net
Facebook: Hansik - The Taste of Korea
Twitter: @TheTasteofKorea @HanInPost_Id

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