Peruvian Dinner Party

I was on my way to faculty library, but a huge banner stopped me a while. The banner said that there was a seminar (9/12) held by Faculty of Humanity and Peruvian Embassy for Indonesia about Peru and Machu Picchu! So then, I changed my walking route to the seminar venue.

I have been wanting to Machu Picchu for years, so I was excited to join the seminar. More than that, traveling to Peru is one of my mom's dreams. I hope we can go there soon. *pray* 

In the seminar, we watched a documentary movie by Discovery Channel about Machu Picchu. I'm not gonna tell you what is in the movie, this blog supposed to be foodblog, hahaha. After watching movie, there was a lecture about Peru by Global Jaya School principal, half-Peruvian half-American, Pak Nicolas Puga. Fantastic lecture but still I'm not gonna write about the lecture.

The participants were given a questionnaire which we should fill in after watching the movie. The questions are all about the Machu Picchu which the answers could be found in the movie. Interesting fact for you guys: food storage building in Inca era called qullqa or quolqa. Similar with 'kulkas', right?

Who got score above 70, will get the chance to be finalist to get doorprize. And my name were shouted! Woo-hoo~~ There were 10 persons, and all of them got the doorprize.

The doorprize: dinner invitation at Peruvian Ambassador's house! So excited! H.E. Roberto Seminario, the Peruvian ambassador to Indonesia told us that there would be a chef who just came from Peru who would be the chef for dinner.

I've never tried Peruvian cuisine before so it would be my first experience.

I arrived in front of the ambassador house around 19.00 but other seminar participants hadn't arrived yet. I was afraid to enter the house by myself coz the house very huge like what I saw in the sinetron. So I waited them in near of Pos Satpam, interviewing the satpam to kill the time. The satpam said that there are many ambassadors live in that area. And near the pos satpam there is a house which is for sale. Interested? He told us the price is around 60 Billion Rupiah. Let me check how many the zeros......

"You have to have for minimum six maids and don't forget, the gardener. Even if I get the chance to live here, I don't want to, Mbak. The electricity monthly bill very expensive Mbaaakkk," the satpam told me.

Then the other participants arrived, the we went inside. You can imagine lah, standing party, chatting and drinking, and all the guests are ambassador, deputy ambassador, etc etc. The waiters served drinks, I took one glass of them which is Peruvian national drink, Pisco Sour which resulting me half mabok. Sigh.

I also tried Chicha Morada, a purple colored drink which made of corn. Another interesting fact, Peru is producer of more that 400 species of corn. Then the dinner time came, I was so excited. The dinner consists of appetizer, main course, and dessert.

The appetizer is Ceviche. Ceviche made of chunks of raw fish marinated with lime juice, with sliced onions, chili, salt, pepper, etc. It is so spicy but I love the freshness which Ceviche gave so I tried to tahan the hotness of Ceviche. It is more like sashimi but with special 'sauce'.

Peruvian ceviche.
The main course: Ají de Gallina. Chicken with creamy sauce made of cheese and aji chilli. Served with sticky rice. I love this. This food tastes like curry or opor but the creaminess is from the cheese and not spicy at all.

Peruvian cheesy chicken.
The last one for dessert was Arroz con Leche y Mazzamorra Morada. It is sticky rice pudding with some 'sauce' or 'jelly' from purple corn. With condensed milk also and cinnamon. I also love this, the sweetness from the sticky rice and the sourness of the 'jelly' is a matching combination.

La dessert.
It was great dinner experience. New cuisine for my tongue, and new friends from other faculty. I'm not sure the Spanish name of the cuisine, I only googled it. Coz the waiter I asked even didn't know the name of the food.

What's your most favorite foreign/international food, guys?

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  1. Dear Siti,

    Thank to you for sharing your experience with us last December. We've posted your Blog link in our Facebook, Embajada del Perú en Indonesia.

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