Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat from Japan!

One of a lot of things in Japan that I really hate is... too many cute things to buy! I love kawaii stuffs and cute weird snacks, so yeah...

I was in Japan last summer and tried a lot of snacks of course. My most favorites are Pocky and Kit Kat. Back then, I only saw original chocolate Kit Kat, Matcha, Sweet Potato but only few days before I visited Donki Nanba and it was snack heaven! Happened to see a lot of Kit Kat flavour I never saw before so I ended buying a lot of them.

One of them is Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat. 田丸屋本店わさびキットカット。Let's take a look.

Front view.
Let's look inside.
Full front view... 

The KitKat bars are light lime-colored and one small pack consists of two bars. After you bite it, you will taste the flavour of real wasabi, but it's not spicy and doesn't make shoot your nose. And it's so sweet lah... wonder like wasabi but sweet, hehehe. I didn't read all the information on the package so I don't know whether it is seasonal or not but this Kit Kat is special from Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Tamaruya-honten on this KitKat's name came from company who produces wasabi products from Shizuoka wasabi. The company has been in business for 130 years and producing more than 50 kinds of products such as wasabi snack, wasabi dressing, wasabi salt, and wasabi pickle.

I stayed in Japan for three months and has visited hundreds of konbini and stores, but I only saw this KitKat in Donki Nanba, Osaka. Maybe if you want to try...

Tamaruya-honten Wasabi Kit Kat
1 box = 12 mini packages
Price = 864 JPY (expensive!)

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LINE: @jqr0626c

I Want the "Regular Takoyaki", Please!

Time to practice writing in English! Woo-hoo! Sorry if my vocabulary and grammar not so good~!


My mom and I were craving for takoyaki~ and still until today. Previous summer holiday, my mom went to Japan for the first time and she was so impressed by how delicious Japanese food are. We went to Osaka, and bought one box of takoyaki, and she thought they were super delicious.

The word of takoyaki consists of two Chinese characters 蛸 which means 'octopus' and 焼, means 'to fry or to grill'. Takoyaki is one of most popular Japanese snacks which made from wheat flour batter and cooked in ball shaped takoyaki pan. Inside the ball, filled with diced octopus and the batter sometimes mixed with ginger, tempura crispy, and spring onion. On top of takoyaki usually they put takoyaki sauce, dried katsuobushi, mayonnaise, and sprinkled with seaweed.

Five months after my mom’s holiday to Japan, she still craving for takoyaki, so after I arrived Jakarta, and we went to a mall, and found there is a restaurant where sell takoyaki~ we were so excited.

It was around 11 am, and I guess we were first customer who ordered takoyaki on that day.

I told the staff, “I want medium portion (8 balls) ordinary takoyaki.” Then we took to seats and other staff walked toward us to give us menu but we already ordered, so I said, “I already ordered, we want medium portion of ordinary takoyaki,”

The staff’s response, “What filling do you want? We have chicken, tuna, cheese, and you can mix them.”

“No thank you, we want regular ORDINARY takoyaki.”

Few minutes later, she came with order slip and stuck it to side of the table, and few minutes later I just realized that they put “KING OCTOPUS AND CHESE” (yeah it's lack of one 'e') on the order so I called the staff~ and said, “Sorry, we didn’t ask for cheese topping, and why there is cheese in order slip?”

“So you don’t want cheese for the topping?”

“Yeah we only want the octopus.”

“But the takoyaki almost ready~”

“But we don’t ask cheese.”

After we waited for 23 minutes, the takoyaki we were craving for coming~ wuaaa... eight big balls of takoyaki served in plate, looks so yummy.

Takoyaki~ yummyyy!

Luckily, though we had hard time (hyperbolic I know hahaha!) to explain that we only wanted the ordinary takoyaki which is filled with octopus, but Okirobar -name of restaurant we visited- has really good takoyaki. Okirobar also very generous on giving mayonaise and takoyaki sauce, yummy. It does taste similar to takoyaki in Osaka. Takoyaki in Osaka is really soft and melting~ and Okirobar is abit hard on the surface so makes it crispier, slight different with the real takoyaki, but that's okay since the taste is very good!

The next day, we went to another mall. And we... again bought takoyaki.

It was Okirobox in Kota Kasablanka, and it is in same group with Okirobar. We bought again 8 balls of takoyaki filled with OCTOPUS only. Anyway, takoyaki from Okirobar costs us 64.700 and Okirobar for 48.000.

Okirobox takoyaki looks a bit different from Okirobar takoyaki, smaller, and not so generous for katsuobushi and sauces. Taste different also. The takoyaki sauce not so hmmm~ sorry do not have good vocabulary hahaha but anyway, well Okirobar takoyaki taste better.

We sure want to revisit Okirobox/Okirobar shop to eat some takoyaki~ but takoyaki there not so cheap what and I need to reduce expenses, hahaha... Anyway, Okirobar restaurant has really good design, so if you are kind of person who take picture of restaurant you visited, maybe you will like Okirobar!

Okirobar Grand Indonesia Level 5 // Instagram
Okirobox Kota Kasablanka LG Floor Unit 1 // Twitter

Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing by Cak Mail

Yesterday morning (3/12), my house assistant went upstairs bringing a styrofoam food container and said, "I bought this for you."

"Chicken porridge?" Sometimes she buys chicken porridge from food stall near my house.

"No. It's pecel."
From Wikipedia: Pecel is a traditional Javanese salad, consisting of a mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing, usually served with steamed rice or sometimes with lontong or ketupat compressed rice cake.[1][2] The peanut sauce used in pecel is also similar to gado-gado. Peanut sauce for pecel has no coconut milk.[3] However pecel has been strongly associated with Javanese cuisine, while gado-gado is usually associated with Betawi and Sundanese cuisine. In Malaysia, it is called as pecal[4] which is introduced by the Javanese immigrants.
I don't do jajan a lot so yes it was my first time eating pecel from styrofoam food container. Usually, pecel is sold served in banana leaves or we usually call 'pincuk'. After thanking my house assistant, I started to try this pecel. My HA mistakenly gave me her pecel which is very hot, I just tried one bite of tempe and I couldn't hold... too hot! So I went downstairs to take the supposed-for-me pack of pecel =))

My today's breakfast.
The pecel contains some vegetables like bean sprouts, cassava leaves, spinach, long beans, also tempe goreng tepung (fried flour-covered tempe), lontong (rice cake), and rempeyek (kind of cracker made from flour and peanuts or fish). It's delicious you know~ super fresh! I prefer vegetable-main based Indonesian cuisine than those ones with coconut milk. ♥♥ 

Today, we again bought pecel from that stall. The stall looks clean and there were some office ladies who were waiting their pecel to be ready. We bought two pecel, one for my HA one for me. For me, again, not spicy, with egg, lontong, and tempe goreng tepung. One pack of pecel costs us 10.000, and egg/lontong/tempe will costs you extra charge. 

Cak Mail and a lady customer.
Tempe and bakwan.
This stall name is Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing. My HA said it was first opened around lebaran this year, and that time I was not in Jakarta, and I just knew yesterday. This stall open in the morning, around 6/7 am, until sold out. The owner, Cak Mail, couldn't ensure what time this stall will close but it is around 9-10 am. So come early, guyz!

I didn't ask about the stall name: Bambu Runcing, but I found in Surabaya there is a monument named Bambu Runcing. Well, this pecel is Surabaya-style and Cak Mail himself is originally from Surabaya, anyway! If you live or work in Tebet area, or happen just to pass by, don't forget to try Cak Mail's pecel!

Pecel Suroboyo Bambu Runcing
Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam
near 7-Eleven Tebet Barat
next to Soto Madura and Siomay/Batagor stall

Cak Mail
For order: +62812 9935 3758
BBM: 57FAA751

Osaka Shopping Haul

Yesterday (18/7), I went to Osaka. Not a really good day though, because all trains delayed and there was reduction too due to typhoon and heavy rain two days ago. I was planning to see around Osaka and didn't google anything about Osaka, and ended up going to information center in Osaka Station and no map there :( Google Maps? I don't have internet, hehehe, just dependent to wi-fi. So I decided to go to Nanba. And I had to wait 30 minutes before the Osaka Loop Line train started moving.

From Kobe to Nanba? Two hours, include waiting time :( Hope today trains schedule will be fine!

I got migrain yesterday so I only spent time at Nanba and the shotengai (shopping centre). I think my migrain caused by seeing a lot of people in Nanba. I've been three weeks in Kobe and Sannomiya Shotengai, the crowd level is not crowd for me, so a bit shock to see crowd in Osaka, I guess. If I compared to Sannomiya, the stores not that different, yes Nanba has a bit more shops but yeah I prefer Sannomiya :-P And I don't find many pachinko places in Sannomiya.

I didn't shop much but here it is my shopping haul. I only spent around 2000JPY (17 USD), coz I'm such a cheapskate =))

1. Nestle Butterfinger, around JPY 220
2. M&M's Caramel Apple JPY 108
3. Pretz Hawaii Pineapple Flavour JPY 117
4. Pretz Canada Maple Flavour JPY 117
5. Pretz China -I can't read the kanji- JPY 117
6. Gachapon Pocky JPY 200
7. Three pair of socks JPY 49 (cheap!)
8. One pair of socks, the rightest JPY 108
9. iPhone Waterproof Case JPY 108
10. Shopping Bag, below right JPY 108
11. Japanese Summer Slippers JPY 108
12. Hello Kitty & My Melody Postcard (each pack JPY 216)

Hahaha I guess I'm a shopaholic, but cheapshopaholic :-p
Will go to Osaka to shop more again!

Gerai CNI Affiliate Program for Bloggers

Sebagian besar teman-teman pasti pernah mendengar CNI dong?

Kalau aku sendiri, tahu CNI sejak aku duduk di bangku sekolah dasar. Sekitar kelas lima, aku mengkonsumsi rutin produk suplemen dari CNI. Aku dulu nggak paham lah fungsinya apa, pokoknya mama dan tanteku menyuruhku untuk selalu minum suplemen itu. Mungkin teman-teman ada yang konsumsi ini juga nih, yaitu Sun-Chlorella. Ada yang minum juga?

Setelah aku besar, aku baru tahu kalau Sun-Chlorella ini banyak manfaatnya. Sun-Chlorella berasal dari zat yang dikandung pada ganggang hijau (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) yang hidup di air tawar. Serta telah terbukti dengan penelitian bahwa Chlorella sangat bermanfaat bagi tubuh manusia. Antara lain, Chlorella mengandung 60,5% protein -lebih banyak dari ikan, telur, atau daging-, beta karoten, klorofil, asam amino, serta vitamin dan mineral.

Kandungan proteinnya merangsang peremajaan sel tubuh, selain itu kandungan Chlorella membantu detoksifikasi, serta meningkatkan kekebalan sistem imunitas.

Sekarang sih,  aku sudah tidak lagi konsumsi suplemen Sun-Chlorella tapi tak bisa lupa sama CNI wong beberapa kali 'menggunakan' produknya yang lain. Salah satunya, Up. Beberapa varian yang kucoba antara lain Ginseng White Coffee dan Hot Chocolate-nya. Ummm... yummyyyy... 

Up. ^_^
Selain itu, belum lama ini aku juga sudah jadi member CNI. Jadi lebih mudah tentunya kalau belanja produk CNI.

Aku sudah jadi member juga lho... :)

Nah, Gerai CNI lagi ada fitur baru nih guyz. kamu bloggers atau punya situs web? Bisa join nih program afiliasi dari Gerai CNI.

Jadi ingat, seorang blogger Malaysia, Aqif Azizan pernah berkata, kalau punya blog, jangan hanya menggantungkan penghasilan blog dari iklan saja, tapi juga dari berbagai affiliate program. Nah, salah satunya bisa dari Gerai CNI ini.

Eh? Udah pada tahu tentang affiliate program kan? Affiliate program adalah teknik pemasaran di mana penjual bekerjasama dengan pemasar melalui blog atau situs web pemasar. Nanti si pemasar ini akan diberi link khusus yang memiliki tracking code, sehingga kalau ada transaksi dari link tersebut terlihat dalam sistem dan pemasaran akan diberi komisi penjualan.

Langkah pertama untuk join affiliate program ini adalah menjadi member PT. CNI atau geraicni.com. Selanjutnya, cara mendaftar link affiliate adalah login ke geraicni.com, klik Daftar Afiliasi, dan masukkan link yang ingin didaftarkan.

Ingin tahu lebih jelasnya, dapat langsung menghubungi layanancermat@cni.co.id atau telepon ke +62 21 581 8888.

Tomyam Kelapa

My blogger friend from Banjarnegara, Idah Ceris came to Jakarta and stayed at my house. She wanted to see around Jakarta but didn't have planned itinerary so we just go to random places we decided in the morning. The first day, we went to my campus because I needed to meet my lecturer and after that paid a visit to my campus' huge library, Crystal of Knowledge. Then we rode commuter line to Jakartakota to attend a blogger gathering hosted by Mister Aladin. The second day, we decided to go to Bogor and the third day she was very galau because we planned to go to our friend's warung but she was afraid of missing her bus to Banjarnegara.

But afterall, we managed to go to our friend's warung in Tangerang, woo-hoo!

For those who don't know, one of admin of Komunitas Warung Blogger, Sobat Bercahaya, opened his culinary business three months ago. He has a store in a kind of foodcourt. He sells many cuisine ranging from tomyam, fried rice, to chicken noodle but specialties there are Tomyam Kelapa, seafood tom yum served on a coconut, and Kwetio Kungpao, Kungpao style thin noodle.

Sobat Bercahaya treated us Tomyam Kelapa and Kwetio Kungpao. At that time, he had shortage of coconut so the Tomyam Kelapa served on a bowl. We got each portion of Kwetio Kungpao and Tomyam Kelapa for each of us. 

Tomyam Kelapa in bowl.
Kwetio Kungpao.
I fell in love in the first bite with the Kwetio Kungpao. The taste just fit my tastebud. The sweetness and the savory mixes well, and it was different with Kwetiau I've ever tasted. After this, I would miss the Kwetio Kungpao, wish Sobat Bercahaya had store in near of my house. And the Tomyam Kelapa, so tasteful with the spiciness and the sour flavor from the Tomyam paste and so fresh from the flavor of coriander leaves. We can find squid and many shrimps there =)) Unfortunately, I am a person who cannot tahan with spicy things so I ended up not finishing the soup. But honestly, the Tomyam was delicious.

Two months later, I re-visited to Tomyam Kelapa with my other fellow blogger: MF Abdullah and Rivai. It was on 2nd day of fasting month.

This time I ordered Kwetio Kungpao (again! Coz I miss its taste!) and Tomyam Kelapa for my friends. I told to Sobat Bercahaya, if I'm not full after finishing the Kwetio Kungpao, I'll order food again. So yes, we actually decided to order one portion of Nasi Goreng Seafood and sharing it but... Sobat Bercahaya gave us two portions. Ok lah, we gave one plate for MF Abdullah whom we knew he still not full :-p The Nasi Goreng was good also... as good as his Tomyam Kelapa and Kwetio Kungpao.

The 'real' Tomyam Kelapa coz served in coconut bowl =))
I'm too shy to put my face in blogpost. Left to right: me, Sobat Bercahaya, MF Abdullah, Rivai.
2nd round! Nasi Goreng Seafood!
Re-visit? Of course, though, yes, his store is very far from my house but his cooking very nice and the prices so friendly (with me who currently no job, hahaha). Is there anyone who want to treat me?

Tomyam Kelapa
Saung Ibu Pintu Perumahan Villa Bintaro Indah
Jombang, Ciputat, Tangerang
+62 823 2223 1446

Obsesi Travelingku

Saya sudah lama memimpikan hal ini.

Ada yang tahu film Le Grand Voyage? Film Prancis tersebut menceritakan tentang anak muda yang mengantarkan ayahnya untuk ibadah haji di Mekkah, Arab Saudi. Mereka berdua mengendarai mobil dari Prancis sampai Arab Saudi. Jalan darat. Beberapa negara mereka lewati termasuk Italia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turki, dan Jordania. Well, syutingnya ngga di semua negara itu sih. Tapi bukan itu intinya. Intinya, sejak menonton film Le Grand Voyage, saya punya mimpi untuk melakukan perjalanan darat jarak jauh alias road trip keliling dunia.

Hampir lupa dengan mimpi itu, belum lama ini saya bertemu dengan seorang teman mama saya yang berasal dari Argentina. Ia beristrikan orang Inggris. Ia bercerita bahwa ia pernah mengendarai mobil dan melakukan perjalanan darat jarak jauh dari Belanda, di benua biru, sampai ke Gambia, di benua hitam. Selain itu karena pekerjaan, mereka harus berpindah tempat tinggal di negara yang berbeda tiap tahunnya. Dan lagi, mereka juga membagikan ceritanya tentang safari di Tanzania. Katanya bagus sekali. Uh sirik!

Tiba-tiba teringat mimpi road trip saya.

Saya membayangkan bisa melakukan perjalanan darat dari Indonesia, lalu menyeberang ke Semenanjung Malaya, lalu melewati daerah Indochina, Tiongkok, kemudian ke arah Barat ada Nepal, Bhutan (ya kali bisa via Bhutan, hihihi), India, tak lupa mampir ke negara Asia Tengah seperti Uzbekistan dan Turkmenistan, lalu ke arah barat lagi ke Jazirah Arab, kemudian ke Jordan, Cyprus, Turki, dan kemudian ke Benua Eropa. Bisa ngga ya?

Foto-foto abis safari tapi di Sri Lanka. Maybe next time di Afrika?

Saya juga membayangkan pula kendaraan yang akan dikendarai. Tidak terlalu besar secara tampak, namun kabinnya memuat banyak. Dan yang pasti eksteriornya ala-ala anak muda gitu, yang kekinian. Semacam Toyota Agya kali ya. Selain desainnya bagus, performanya yahud, dari segi harga cocok banget buat first jobber. Yaaa meskipun bahkan saya belum first jobber hehehe...

Yang belum tahu Agya, kayak gini nih...

Gimana si Agya? Keren kan?

Mampukah Toyota Agya menemani mewujudkan mimpi saya?
Eh, tapi yang pentingnya dulu: emang saya udah bisa nyetir?
Apa sebaiknya nyari 'teman' yang mau nyetirin keliling dunia ya? Hihihi...

Mister Donut Sekarang Ada di Jakarta!

Sejak SMA, aku mulai menonton dorama Jepang. Salah satu dorama yang paling aku suka adalah Nodame Cantabile. Aktor utamanya, Hiroshi Tamaki, adalah pria yang sangat menarik, dan aku naksir! Hahaha… Kalau udah naksir aktor Jepang gini, biasanya aku buka Youtube dan mencari iklan yang dia bintangi.

Hiroshi Tamaki ini juga membintangi iklannya Mister Donut.

Pas Mbak Winda Puspita menawarkan undangan Grand Opening Mister Donut Indonesia di statusnya, aku langsung teringat Hiroshi Tamaki. Aku langsung daftar dong ya! Mana harinya aku pas luang... Biasanya luang selalu, sih.

Akhirnya tanggal 9 Mei lalu, aku pergi ke Mall of Indonesia. Mencari toko Mister Donut, dan yak... gile luh, antreannya mengular panjang banget... Karena hari itu adalah hari grand opening, selain itu ada promo gratis enam pcs donat kalau beli enam pcs. Pantesan aja!

Ini nih kalau mau lihat tokonya...

Antre panjang banget kan?

Mau foto rak donatnya aja susah karena banyak yang antre jadi ketutupan.

Gula, sedotan, bubuk kayu manis, dan lain-lain disediakan di sebelah kasir.

Rame banget ya?
Ada yang belum tahu tentang Mister Donut?

Mister Donut awalnya didirikan oleh Harry Winokur pada tahun 1955 di Boston. Beliau menjual 35 jenis donut, kue, dan kopi khas yang diolah khusus. Saking suksesnya, akhirnya Winokur membuka franchising. Tahun 1985, Duskin Co. Ltd. dari Osaka mengakuisisi hak franchise untuk Jepang dan Asia. Di Jepang sendiri store-nya lebih dari 1100, makanya Mister Donut sendiri terkenalnya dari Jepang. Di plastik Mister Donut Indonesia pun tulisannya Japanese Donuts

Kalau di Indonesia, Mister Donut dioperasikan atas kerjasama Duskin Co. Ltd. dan PT Indomarco Prismatama, itu loh yang punya minimarket Indomaret. Produksi donat Mister Donut dilakukan dengan supervisi langsung dengan ahli dari Jepang. Makanya kemarin aku liat beberapa orang yang pakai seragam Mister Donut tapi orang Jepang.

By the way, selamat ya atas launching Mister Donut Indonesia! Mbok nanti bikin cabang lagi yang Jakarta tengah-tengah aja, jangan jauh-jauh lagi, hahaha... Kejauhan nih kalau mau main ke MoI! *tsurhat*

Oke mari kita ulas...
Kios Mister Donut tidak terlalu besar ya sebenarnya, ada 40-an kursi buat nongkrong. Salah satu produk Mister Donut yang merupakan kekhasannya adalah Cafe au Lait atau kopi susu yang dapat di-refill secara gratis, makanya Mister Donut adalah tempat yang cocok buat nongkrong. Terlebih lagi, colokan ada banyak, hahaha pas deh tuh betah lu!

Saat itu kami diberi enam buat donat dari PR-nya Mister Donut, Mas Haidar, dan segelas kopi susu. Karena aku haus, aku minum kopinya dong. Dan, kopinya enak banget. Suer. Saat aku nyoba mungkin itu kelihatannya kopi susu biasa, tapi rasanya pas loh. Mana harganya terjangkau pula. Sayangnya yang dikasih Mas Haidar bukan yang free refill. Kalau yang free refill, gelasnya lebih kecil, harganya lebih mahal sedikit.

Donat di Mister Donut ini ada beberapa jenis. Yang seperti donat yang biasa kita temui, sebutannya adalah Donut Cake. Di dalam kardus di bawah ada Honey Cake dan Double Chocolate Cake. Yang kiri atas, jenisnya adalah Old Fashion, jadi bentuknya donat tapi teksturnya seperti kue. Yang sebelah kananya adalah French Cruller, yah yang bentuknya gitu deh. Kayak sus gitu, jadi ada isian tengahnya. Nah kalau yang bulet-bulet itu sebutannya adalah Mochido, yang sesuai namanya dia chewy banget karena ada campuran bahan tepung tapiokanya. Kenyil kenyil! My fav!

Harga per buah donat Mister Donut sangat terjangkau, yaitu 7000. Dan menurutku donat Mister Donut ini lumayan 'berat' ya, jadi makan dua saja sudah kenyang. Jadi beli dua buah dan segelas Cafe au Lait buat nongkrong itu perfect banget deh.

Karena masih masa promo, Mister Donut Indonesia ngadain kompetisi #selfieDO lho, dengan hadiah satu lusin donat Mister Donut. Caranya mudah, follow dan like akun Mister Donut Indonesia yang aku lampikan di bawah ini. Kemudian unggah foto selfie terbaikmu bersama Mister Donut (baik donat maupun logonya) dan sertakan hashtag #selfieDO #misterdonut #misterdonutindonesia. Deadline-nya tanggal 31 Mei 2015. Buruan yukkk!

Mbak Lia, Mbak Winda, dan Una

Pulang dari Mister Donut, saya senang (dan kenyang) dan hilang sudah penasaranku sama Mister Donut yang iklannya di Jepang dibintangi sama aktor yang kutaksir itu :")

Mister Donut Indonesia
Jalan Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading, Jakarrta
Mall Of Indonesia Lobby 5
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Maksimalkan #MyQualityMinutes dengan NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

Saya selalu girang kalau menginap di hotel bagus. Yaaa, maklum jarang dan emang dasar sayanya ndeso. Tapi, dua tahun lalu, saat menginap di Marina Mandarin, Singapura, saya lebih girang lagi. Hanya gara-gara sebuah ‘mesin kopi’.

Di atas meja ada kotak kayu yang di dalamnya terdapat barisan kapsul setengah bola yang dari nama-namanya saya tebak adalah kopi. Yang saya ingat ada Lungo, Espresso Intenso, Grande Intenso, dan Café Au Lait. Di kemasan kapsul terdapat ikon menyerupai sinyal, yang saya tebak adalah tingkat kafein dari jenis-jenis kopinya.

Awalnya saya bingung cara memakainya, ternyata hanya tinggal dimasukkan ke wadah kapsul dalam mesin tersebut, lalu kemudian ditutup, di ‘play’ deh. Setelah itu, saya beberapa kali melihat ‘mesin kopi’ bernama NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto ini di kantor-kantor yang saya ‘hinggapi’ dan di store NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, Lotte Shopping Avenue. Tapi ya lihat saja, nggak pernah mencoba.

Sampai akhirnya, saat perayaan dua tahun NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Indonesia di Senayan City, saya mampir ke pop up café NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto bersama beberapa blogger, dan mencoba lagi menggunakan mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.

Mas Adi W. Taroepratjeka, seorang konsultan F&B yang merupakan pengguna setia NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto
Mas Adi @peminumkopi menjelaskan banyak mengenai NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. Rupanya, yang saya kira NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto ini adalah mesin kopi, ternyata bukan. Melainkan Multi Beverage Machine, karena tak hanya kopi yang mampu dibuat oleh mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, namun juga Milo, Nestea Peach, dan bahkan kita juga bisa berkreasi, membuat resep minuman baru, dengan mesin tersebut.

Latte Art pun dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan kopi dan susu yang di-steam menggunakan mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.

Kata ‘Dolce Gusto’ merupakan bahasa Italia yang berarti manis serta nikmat dan berkepribadian baik. Ini mencerminkan bahwa mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto adalah mesin yang ‘baik’ yang mampu membuat minuman berkualitas.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto berbeda dengan mesin kopi yang terdapat di restoran atau kafe-kafe. Selain menggunakan sistem kapsul, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto membutuhkan waktu yang sedikit untuk menghasilkan minuman. Kata Mas Adi, mesin di restoran membutuhkan waktu 30 menit untuk ‘memanaskan’ mesin, sedangkan NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto memiliki sistem Thermo Block yang dapat menyalakan mesin kurang dari 30 detik. Untuk membuat minuman, kurang dari satu menit yang dibutuhkan.

Kapsul NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.
Untuk kapsulnya, di Indonesia terdapat 13 varian, antara lain: Cappucino, Café au Lait, Nestea Green Tea, MILO, dan Chococinno. Jika ingin membuat minuman Cappucino, Café au Lait, atau Latte Machiato, dibutuhkan dua kapsul, yaitu kapsul kopi dan susu-nya. Di kemasan kapsul, terdapat gambar menyerupai sinyal yang ternyata adalah ukuran air yang bisa disetel di mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. Bukan seperti tebakan saya dulu, yang saya kira adalah kekuatan’ kafein kopinya, hehehe.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Circolo.
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto dengan desain limited edition.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me.
Di Indonesia, ada tiga tipe NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto yang ditawarkan, yang pertama adalah Circolo, bentuknya lingkaran elegan, dan memiliki kapasitas air 1,3 liter. Kemudian adalah Genio 2, yang memiliki kapasitas air 1 liter. Yang paling kecil adalah Mini Me, bentuknya mirip Genio 2, dan memiliki kapasitas air 800 ml.

Cara menggunakan mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto sangatlah mudah. Langkahnya dirangkum dalam empat tahap, yakni: pop, lock, switch, dan brew. Saya sempat mencoba untuk membuat kopi Lungo. Kopi Lungo ini mirip Espresso, hanya saja air yang digunakan lebih banyak. Tak butuh lama untuk membuat kopi dan yang saya rasakan adalah gembira. I don’t know, tapi menggunakan mesin itu sangat fun.

Dengan mudahnya menggunakan NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, mesin ini sangat ramah bagi siapapun, bahkan untuk anak-anak. Mas Adi bercerita bahwa anaknya senang membuatkan minuman untuk tamu menggunakan NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.

Kopinya bisa dibuat layering. Cantik ya?
Terbayang, dengan NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, pengguna akan menikmati #MyQualityMinutes dengan lebih maksimal. Ada tiga aspek #MyQualityMinutes yang diusung:

1. Quality time in no cup
2. Quality in every cup
3. Quality in every design

Tapi apakah benar?

Quality time in no cup? Tentu saja, dengan kapsul pintarnya, tak sampai satu menit, kita sudah bisa menikmati minuman buatan NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.

Quality in every cup? Well, saya suka kopi tapi bukan pecinta sejati kopi. Saya nggak tahu banyak mengenai beda kopi yang instan dan ‘betulan’. Saya pun bertanya kepada salah satu teman blogger, Fitri Rosdiani, yang saya tahu dia gemar sekali kopi hitam. Menurutnya, kopi Espresso maupun Lungo buatan NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto baunya sangat enak, mirip dengan kopi yang di-brew dengan mesin yang mahal. Kopi yang digunakan pada kapsul NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto pun terbuat dari kopi terbaik dunia.

Quality in every design? Jelas sekali, mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto memiliki desain yang sangat stylish. Jadi ditaruh di rumah pun enak dipandang. Bahkan tahun ini NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto memiliki dua desain terbaru edisi terbatas yaitu Genio Billy the Artist yang didesain oleh seniman graffiti New York dan Genio MINI yang dirancang bekerjasama dengan merek mobil MINI.

Siapa yang nggak kepengen punya NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto?

Bersama teman-teman blogger. Gue kayak tenggelam minta tolong gitu =))
Akhir kata…

Selamat ulang tahun yang kedua buat NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto di Indonesia. Semoga makin luas penetrasinya di kota-kota di Indonesia yahhh… Kapsulnya juga banyakin jenisnya yah! *rikues*

Pernah coba mesin NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, teman-teman?

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Milkis 밀키스

I often upload random snack or beverage I bought from minimarket. I think it should be better I post the mini review of random things I eat and drink here. The reviews will be under Random Snack & Beverage label.

Now is the turn for Milkis 밀키스, a soft drink produced by Lotte Chilsung, a beverage company from Korea. I bought this today in Indomaret in one of stations in Jakarta. Price is 7.500, and maybe more expensive than in Carrefour or Lottemart.

First time I tasted Milkis, reminded me of Calpis, same like Calpico in Indonesia, produced by Japan company. Taste like milk (of course!!) but in softer way and carbonated. Taste good but probably not my favorite. I have tried the Melon flavor also. I hope more flavor of Milkis coming to Indonesia coz I only seen the original and Melon one.

Do you like Milkis?

Milkis Minuman Rasa Susu Soda
Indomaret Rp 7500.

7-Eleven in Indonesia

In case you’re wondering how 7-Eleven in Indonesia, I have some photos to show to y’all guyz. Near from my home there is a 7-Eleven store, only maybe just 200 meters away. In my country, 7-Eleven is bigger than they have in Japan and Thailand. This is not about the variety of products but about the area. Indonesians love to sit and chit-chatting with friends so the 7-Eleven Indonesia owners changed the concept adapting Indonesian culture, yes we have several chairs and tables in each 7-Eleven store so we can relax and dine in.

I have been to 7-Eleven in Japan and Thailand. The numbers of 7-Eleven stores in Indonesia is much less than those countries. We already have Indomaret and Alfamart, brands of minimarket here, so we don’t have 7-Eleven in each corner of our city like in Japan or Thailand. Kinds of product sold more or less similar, I mean not the brands, but snacks, candies, instant noodles, beverages, cigarettes, Slurpee, bakeries, and hot dog. But in our country, 7-Eleven products of ready to eat (?!) is not as various as in Japan or Thailand. We have some rice, pudding, sandwich, and so on.

Every 7-Eleven has ATM machines, most of them have Bank CIMB Niaga and Sinarmas, but near my home has also Bank Mandiri and Bank Panin. Each 7-Eleven also has Sevelin which is a machine where we can buy concert tickets or credits for phone. I’m not sure whether we can buy plane tickets there.

Well no more words… here some photos for youuu to see and scroll!

Chicken Katsu, Fried Chicken, Karaage, and so on...


New product. But me don't like it :(

There are some imported snacks too.

We don't have many varieties like those in Thailand :(

Sevelin machine.

Is it similar with 7-Eleven in your country? ^^