My Saturday's Sweet Treats from Hummingbird

I visited Kuningan City, two Saturdays in a row! On the first Saturday, I went to Jala-Jala, Medan Chinese Restaurant on 3rd floor, which serves many delicious food. I tried their baked noodle and egg tarts, so nice. And today, I met my friend and knowing I had been so curious with Hummingbird, my friend suggested to have some cakes and drinks in Hummingbird.

Hummingbird has an unique interior. There are some giant birdcages, fake trees, and some wood lockers, which are for staff. The menu also has an unique design and colorful so the customers already happy and excited when seeing the menu, even before they haven't decided what they want to eat. 

The staff lockers.

I ordered a slice of cake named Cherry Rum, just because I'm a big fan of maraschino cherry, and a drink called Macadamia Toffee. I'm happy because I didn't have to wait so long to enjoy my cake and drink! 

1. Cherry Rum Cake

This cake is like black forest. There are many layers contains chocolate mousse, cream, chocolate cake, and cherry. The taste is just right. I could taste a slight of rum but it is not so strong. I love the taste of the cherry. But as for me, the slice portion is too big. I couldn't finish it. I thought my dessert belly had a large volume! (Yes, I also have a special belly for sweets! I bet you too!)

2. Macadamia Toffee

Top side look of Macadamia Toffee.

I never taste macadamia besides from ice cream or Australian macadamia bars. When I tasted this drink, I thought it doesn't taste like macadamia I've ever tasted before. It is more like peanut (or is it me who don't know the real taste of macadamia). Not that I'm complaining, actually it turned out good. The sweetness is fit for my tastebud. I like it.

For the taste, I don't have any disappointments. Though I think eating 'heavy' cake and drink an ice blended beverage is not a nice combination. I think I better order some 'light drink' like tea-based drink to accompany my Cherry Rum Cake.

Overall, I love my dining experience in Hummingbird. I don't have any complaints, the service is quick, and the staff very friendly. Ambience is very nice, so cozy, and comfy (even I didn't sit in sofa). My friend and I were chit-chatting there for about three hours, so betah! The price is so-so, not so pricey though I can't call it cheap. Definitely visit Hummingbird again, soon.

Hummingbird Eatery
Kuningan City Lt. UG No. 55
Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio Kav. 18
+62 21 3005 6370
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  1. Is it the same Hummingbird with the one in Bandung? Seems nice, the place and the dish.. :D

  2. I really love the cake photos! the natural lighting is very nice!! looks yummy!! =D

    1. Thanks Angelica! It is not 'looks' only but also 'really'!!