Macau Shopping Haul

Went to Macau a few days ago, and now I want to exhibit what I bought there! I planned to buy some cosmetics at Sasa, but I only bought few things there. I went to three supermarkets, two San Miu Supermarkets but different branches, and Grand Mart, a Japanese supermarket in Macau. Yes, definitely I am a big fan of supermarket, hahaha! Ok won't talk much, here are my Macau shopping haul!

From Sasa

Wahahaha as you can see, I love snacks and Hello Kitty and cute stuffs! There are still many that I didn't take any photos of~ huaaa I love shopping <3 <3

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  1. taunya aku nitip aja ya...pengen sheet mask sm pockynya :3 huhu

  2. Yummmy. Curious for how the snack taste.

  3. panganan kabeh yak...hihii love ur cute snacks na!as always :)