Marugame Udon の 8th Branch in Jakarta!

Congratulations, おめでとうございます, for Marugame Udon which opened their new 8th store at Grand Indonesia! Marugame Udon has been ready to serve Jakartans since October 15th 2014.

Marugame Udon & Tempura is udon restaurant chain franchised originally from Marugame Seimen by Toridoll Corporation, a restaurant business company headquartered in Kobe, Japan. In Indonesia, Marugame Udon was first opened in February 14th 2013. Besides udon, Marugame Udon also sells tempura and rice. They implement open kitchen concept, freshly cooked, and self-service. We can see how the process in making udon and what all staffs are doing in the kitchen. Freshly cooked means… do you know, that tempuras which they serve, will be throw away if in 2 minutes there’s no one buy it? They keep the freshness of their food.

Name of the udon in Japanese kana and kanji.

It’s been only more than one year but Marugame Udon already grown with their eight branches, and still, the number of their stores keeps rising. In near future, they will open in Bali, Balikpapan, Bandung, Medan, and also 2nd outlet in Surabaya.

Want to choose what?
Can see inside the kitchen.
In each restaurant, Marugame Udon has two ‘doors’. One door is for queuing to get and buy the udon and one other door for exit. So the flow is well-ordered. Once we get the entrance, we take tray and choose which udon we want to eat. Or, if you prefer rice, they also have some rice choice. After we get the udon, we’ll meet the tempura station. Tempura varies from shrimp, sweet potato, beef croquette, to chilli tempura. The tempura are available in 10 variants.

Then we go toward the cashier and order drink and pay afterward. They also has condiment station which we can get the chopsticks, spoon, straw, refill ocha, and condiments like chilli, sesame, ginger, and tempura crunch.

My Tori Baitang Udon...
Also the udon's friends: tempura.
There are 8 kinds of udon, 10 kinds of tempura, and 4 rice menus, available to order in Marugame Udon. In Community Meet Up at Marugame Udon Grand Indonesia, I chose Tori Baitang Udon, udon with white broth soup and chicken meatball. For the tempura, I chose Skewered Tofu Roll, Broccoli Tempura, and Tori Tempura. Very superlove the Tori Baitang Udon and for the tempura I love most the Skewered Tofu Roll! And I really curious with the Zaru Udon, cold udon served with bukake dashi soup, and Kamaage Udon, the hot version of Zaru Udon. Because they look ‘more Japanese’ than the other, hehehe. Next time visit I’ll absolutely order one of them!

Zaru Udon. Wondering what does zaru means, because saru means monkey in Japanese and sometimes become zaru in compound words, hehehe.
One of the rice Marugame Udon's serving...
You can see all menu in this website:
All menu so attractive right?

The price is also just right, not too expensive. For the udon and rice starting from IDR33K-50K. Kamaage udon family package IDR85K, and for the tempura starting from IDR7K-14K per piece.

Ahhh writing this post make me want to go to Marugame Udon! And I'm so happy because in distance only 2kms from my house, there is Kota Kasablanka where there is also located Marugame Udon store, hihihi ^^

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