Best Panna Cotta In Town!

Only after I was disappointed with one of the semi fine dining restaurants in Jakarta's panna cotta, my friend told me about Pannacotta Etc. Her mom bought her six cup of panna cotta for Rp 176.000. Expensive. But then she said they were really good. I couldn't underestimated her taste buds since she's good at cooking. And eating. My friend informed me about its location and I was like, oh I knew that. In Pacific Place, near Starbucks and Bibigo. Anw, I routinely go to Pacific Place twice a week.

So, I went there by myself after my Korean class. The place is nice with white-painted exposed-bricks and woody chairs and table. I love the interior. I headed to 'Order Here' and confused with what I wanted to order. All seems attracting to taste. Here is the menu of its panna cotta:

❤ The Addiction Begins Here - Classic Panna Cotta with Baileys
❤ Going Bananas for Banana - Banana Panna Cotta with Hazelnut Choco
❤ The Infatuation Begins Here - Classic Panna Cotta with Butterscotch
❤ The Sensation Begins Here - Cheese Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce
❤ The Obsession Begins Here - Espresso Panna Cotta de creme
❤ The Confessions Begins Here - Double Chocolate Panna Cotta
❤ The Pleasure Begins Here - Mint Panna Cotta with Dark Chocolate
❤ The Delight Begins Here - Tiramisu Panna Cotta with Coffee Sauce

All seducing huh? So I asked the best selling one and the cashier girl answered the baileys, butterscotch, and the raspberry sauce. If the price were only Rp 10.000 per cup I would buy all the kinds of them. But one small cup is Rp 30.000, so I just bought one. And I chose butterscotch one, The Infatuation Begins Here! Woohoo... I orso bought Iced Hazelnut Latte.

 Served on wood cutting board. Nice.

Do not share for 100% addiction. How can I share when I went there by myself and the panna cotta is very small, wkwkwk.

Let me open the cover, I want to look the panna cotta >,<

Taadaaa... so then I poured the butterscotch into the pannacotta. I spooned a little and tasted... Hummm... yeah like my friend told me, it is very delicious and tasty. The butterscotch flavor reminds me of chocolate bar but I didn't remember what brand it was. Since it is very small, I ate it slowly and enjoyably. Unfortunately, I didn't buy one more coz of lack of cash, hahaha. Maybe next time I will buy baileys or others. And take my mom.

The hazelnut latte orso nice...

If you want to give it try, I give the address and social media link below... ^^

Pannacotta Etc
Pacific Place Level 4
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53
SCBD, Jakarta 12190


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