Ottugi Cheese Bokki

After my Korean lesson last wednesday, I decided to visit one of Korean supermarkets in town. It is Mu Gung Hwa, located in Jalan Senayan, Blok S, Kebayoran, Jakarta Selatan. I wanted to shop some Korean food or snacks because I wanted to try something new. I bought three bottles of juice, two packs of instant udon (우동) and one cup of Ottugi Cheese Bokki. The last one I mentioned is what I want to review in this post.

The packaging is small yellow cup and the price not so expensive, 12K IDR. It reminded me to tteokbokki, Korean snack which is spicy rice cake. The picture in the packaging made me think that Cheese Bokki is kind like macaroni-like but not made from rice flour like tteokpokki. Then we should add the cheese powder or somewhat. But, after I opened, it was not like my imagination. Wait, I'll show you the appearance of the Cheese Bokki! Ta-daaa!

Steps how to prepare cheese bokki.

OK. So, cheese bokki is kind of instant cup noodle with cheese flavour. I expected similar like tteokbokki only in cheese flavour. Or is it just me who didn't read the Bahasa Indonesia extra label...

I was curious with the meaning of bokki. I googled it and I found that bokki is cute alternative word of bokkeum, means stir-fry. So tteokpokki means stir-fried rice cake. And cheese bokki means 'stir-fried' cheese. Ok, I understand now, hahaha...

Preparing cheese bokki is very easy, it is like how to prepare Mi Goreng in form of instant cup noodle.

So, first is put hot water into the cup.

 Second, close the lid and wait for four minutes.

Drain the water and put the cheese powder, then stir it well.

If you Indonesian, I think you all know Anak Mas, dried noodle snack with many kinds of flavours. Cheese bokki taste very similar with Anak Mas Keju (cheese). It is very cheesy and salty. Sorry, but I don't like it. I mean YES,  I can eat Cheese Bokki but better I eat Indomie Mi Goreng lah. >,<

Ottugi Cheese Bokki
Price: 12K


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