Tebet no Takoyaki

If you are Jakartans, I think you already knew about Tebet. Tebet is one of areas in South Jakarta where is famous of its hangout places. You can hunt clothes and culinaire there. Maybe you have heard Endorse, Sushi-Ya, De Jons, or Comic Café? I live not far from that popular youngsters hangout area. But, I don't really know what is now happening there. Kurang gaul!

I was told that there is very good takoyaki in Jalan Tebet Raya. My friend said that it was one of the best takoyaki he has ever had. And that takoyaki is located in carport of a familiar house, my high school friend’s grandma’s house. At first I thought that it is owned by my friend’s family but no, the takoyaki rented some space in that house.

In case you’ve never tried takoyaki. FYI, takoyaki consists of two words ‘tako’ and ‘yaki’. Tako means octopus, and yaki derived from yaku means to grill. Takoyaki is one of Japanese snack that ball-shaped and made of flour-based batter. It is usually filled with octopus but nowadays there are many fillings like cheese, beef, chicken, etc. After cooked, takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise poured on top of takoyaki balls. Also, poured with seaweed and katsuobushi (or dried skipjack tuna, or Indonesians usually call it as ‘cakalang’).

One week ago, my high school classmate texted me on LINE: “Let’s go to takoyaki, Na!” And, I really excited cos I’ve been curious with that takoyaki and I oredi like 3-4 years very long time no eat takoyaki. So, I’m ready!

The name is Abun Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki and where I went is not the only one, cos they have another branches. Also one where I went will move soon, but very near from the current location.

The menu.

Takoyaki pan.

Abun sells takoyaki and okonomiyaki but my friends and I only interested with its takoyaki. You can choose 4 pcs or 8 pcs. I chose 8 pcs, 4 pcs for octopus filling, and 4 pcs for beef filling. Almost forget mention, I asked for double cheese for extraaa. The price relatively not expensive. Four pcs for 12K IDR and 8 pcs for 22K IDR. Reasonable kan?

My friend ordered takoyaki without katsuobushi.

Really enjoyed katsuobushi dancing moment.


After served in our table, I was like… I couldn’t wait to taste it. Coz I was hungry and the takoyaki itself so appealing. I managed to eat it though I knew it still hoottt, hahaha…

I agreed with my friend that the takoyaki is very good. I love it. I love the takoyaki sauce. I orso could feel how my extra cheese melted in my mouth. My friends who were with me also said that it is very tasty takoyaki. But I’m still not sure that it is the best cos I rarely eat takoyaki.

Maybe next time I should try the okonomiyaki. I want try takoyaki in other places too. I want it to be in Japan!

Do you like Takoyaki?

Abun Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki
Jalan Tebet Raya (Opening hours: 16.00-22.30)
Gedung Sentra Pancoran, in front of EF Tebet (Opening hours: 11.00-19.00)
Jalan Soepomo, near McDonald's Tebet (Opening hours: 17.00-23.00)


  1. i love takoyaki, the real tako-yaki. never understood why there are cheese and other filling. hihihi.. tried once but didnt really like it,

  2. Thank you for giving a positive review for our food. Kedai abun takoyaki is currently only available in Manggarai Utara 4 Blok D No. 1 (benchmark 3 smp jakarta).
    phone +6281310617866.

  3. Yang di tebet sama supomo udah ga ada ya?