Pretz Tom Yum Kung

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I wrote that finally I ate the Pretz after two months I bought it in Phuket. It’s not correct. The truth is after three months. Feels like I have snacks stock in my room. I forgot that now is oredi April, not March. Ok. 

So… next is Pretz Tom Yum Kung!

Have you ever tasted Tom Yum Kung? If not, have you ever heard of it?  For me, I heard it many times but never tasted the real one. I mean I ever tried only Tom Yum, but not Tom Yum Kung. Tom Yum Kung is spicy clear soup with prawns as main ingredients. Tom Yum Kung is one of many types of Tom Yum. It is traditional food of Lao and Thai but nowadays very popular in other countries, including Indonesia.

Once I saw Pretz Tom Yum Kung, I’m interested since I think this kind not sold in Indonesia. So, I bought manyyy!

Pretz in Thai Alphabet.

Production and expired date.

Compare to Pretz Fried. The color of the stick is different. Cos the Tom Yum Kung one has more spice powder.

I hate hot and spicy food but it’s okay to taste a bit. Yes, this Pretz Tom Yum Kung tasted like REAL Tom Yum, has tangy and sour flavor. The color of the box (read: orange) very represents the taste of these Pretz sticks. I could taste the shrimp and kaffir lime leaves. But still, it’s too spicy for me. My tongue too sensitive with spiciness, hehehe. For me I prefer Pretz Fried. Or Pocky.

If you’re fans of Tom Yum, you should try this lah ^^

Price: 13 THB (Thailand Baht)


  1. i can almost imagine how it tastes Na. Hmmhmm.. :-9

    1. Hahaha yappp~ mirip bener kecut kecut pedesnya tom yam gitu soale ^^

  2. Udah aku upload di IGku. .
    Enak rasanya. . .

    Makasiiih udah dikasih pretz ya, Sitt. . .

    1. Eh, emang aku pernah ngasih kamu? Hmmm...