Pretz Fried

When I travel abroad, my most favorite tourism site is…


It is… convenience store a.k.a konbini or even supermarket. If it is in Bali, I’m not interested at all. What I love from convenience store, I can see many snacks I’ve never eat before and I can’t hold my self not to buy snacks or candies with interesting design on its packaging. Also I love to buy snacks and candies for souvenir for my friends. Plus point is most likely cheaper than if I have to buy t-shirt, necklace or bag for souvenir. *STINGY* 

Two months ago, I traveled to Phuket, Thailand. On my last day vacation there, I went to convenience store and shopped many snacks there. The cashier girl asked to me in broken English, “To back to your country?” 


I bought many Ovaltine biscuits, candies, and PRETZ! Wait… I should find the photos the whole snacks I bought in Phuket.

Here it is! 


Anyway, do you know Pretz? I think if you often go to supermarket especially to snack sections you must know lah. Pretz is Pocky’s friend. Produced by same company, Pretz is similar to Pocky. While Pocky is biscuit stick coated mainly with sweet flavor, Pretz is also biscuit stick but has mainly savory flavor and has pattern on its stick like pretzel. In Phuket, I couldn’t find any Pocky that has different flavor with which sold also in Indonesia. But I found Pretz that I never seen before here.

I bought maybe 20s boxes of Pretz. The Larb (name of food in Thailand), Tom Yum Kung, and Fried. After arrived in Jakarta and went to supermarket, I found out that here also sells the Larb flavor which in Indonesia it is as ‘Rasa Thai pedas’ or Spicy Thai Flavor. Then I decided to give all Larb flavor to my friends and saved each one Tom Yum Kung and Fried Pretz for myself. 

Can or not read the Thai alphabet?
I can! It is Pretzzzz.


Just this morning I tried the Pretz. After two months! 

Too much I wrote for introduction. In this post I’ll review for the Fried Pretz first. Nah, Fried one has black dominant colored box. We can see the salt picture on it. What we can guess is, yeah this Pretz little bit salty lah ya. Maybe like McDonald’s French Fries. Hmmm… 

It has halal logo on its box.

Let me see inside… The taste? It reminded me with… you know, when I was a little my mom often made me white bread, pour some sugar on it, and baked in oven until dry. Yeah, it tasted like that except it’s not sweet. But has savory flavor and the saltiness is just right. 

Personally, I like it but for me Pretz is for sharing. Compared to popular Indonesian snacks like Cheetos, it is only 20 grams in its small size. But Pretz has 36 grams. Maybe it is just me, but I’m not big snack eater sih ya, so eating one box of Pretz make me full. Maybe just because Pretz is not my favorite snack.

Price: 13 THB (Thailand Baht)