Japanese Brownies by Flour Flour

It seems I haven't explored Lotte Shopping Avenue very well. It was just three days ago, for the first time (the shop oredi opened from October 2013!), I saw a bakery shop named Flour Flour Kenji Kawasaki. I thought the shop has positive aura which made me walking toward it. From the shop name, we can know that Flour Flour is Japanese-style bakery.

What made me more excited was Flour Flour served many testers there! So, I tried many. Some of what I tasted were Chocolate Scone (I like it very much!), Matcha Scone (yes, I could taste the infused matcha very well), and Japanese Brownies, which I bought later. I tried many until I was full. Thanks Flour Flour!

I also saw the famous Melon Pan, Flour Flour's own jam, Macarons, Cream Choux, and many more. And all of those were so interesting. To be brought home. Finally, I only took Japanese Brownies. My mom took Rum Raisin Scone and other kind, I forgot the name. When my mom ate the scone, she kept telling me that it was very-very good. I knew, Mom.

Written in the website, the concept of the Flour Flour is simple but unique by adding Japanese twist. Flour Flour also using the finest Japanese flour to keep the quality of the pastries. And Kenji Kawasaki is the name of a chef who was entrusted by Hide Yamamoto, who is Japanese born-master chef. I've seen a fine dining restaurant named Hide Yamamoto also in Lotte Shopping Avenue. One group lah ya. When I was there, I saw two chefs are Japanese ^^

Anyway, do you want to see the Japanese Brownies? 

See who is inside the paper bag?

This Japanese Brownies is very delicious. I swear. The chocolate flavour is a little bit bitter which made it has wonderful taste. I think chocolate fans will like it. And it has cashew crush inside, made this brownies very kanpeki 完璧 (perfect).

Unfortunately, the price is little bit higher relative to another bakery, even to other Japanese-style bakery in Jakarta. This Japanese Brownies costs 18K IDR. The small macaron costs 12K IDR. I also surprised when I saw one kind of bread and costs 23K IDR. I thought other bakery would sell kinda like it only at 13K. But still, I want to try another kind of breads, pastries, and cakes. The most of that make me curious are Cream Choux and the Macaron. Will try next time!

Flour Flour Kenji Kawasaki
Ciputra World Super Block 1 Floor 03
Lotte Shopping Avenue
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Jakarta, Indonesia


  1. Will try it when i moved to the new office. Ihik. Hihihi..