Exciting Eating Experience at Genki Sushi

A few months ago, when I went to Foodhall Supermarket at Plaza Senayan, I stopped in front of a new sushi shop. I asked to the staff when it was opened. I saw it has rails like in sushi bar beside of the table. The staff explained that the ordered sushi is delivered with train that runs on that rails. While the staff explained about the restaurant to me, I saw a Japanese man waving his hand calling me to get inside the restaurants. So I asked to the staff, he is the restaurant’s manager.

I often go to Plaza Senayan because I love going to Kinokuniya, bookstore there. Sometimes orso accompany my mama shopping at Plaza Senayan too. Or just hanging out with friends. I usually go to foodcourt when I’m hungry and after that I go to supermarket, and like “why didn’t I have my lunch at Genki Sushi?” I always forgot. So when my cousin went to Jakarta 3 weeks ago, we had a plan eating at Genki Sushi.

The waiter gave us an iPad. It is used for ordering food and drink. The menu all shown on iPad. We just click click click and wait for a minute, and the food came to us in Shinkansen or Racing Car running on the rails beside the table. It is really fun. Unfortunately, if we order drinks from the iPad, the drink come to us not by the Shinkansen, but the waiter who brings it. We also can see our total purchase in the iPad. It is really good feature. For me. Who has limited budget hahaha…

You can see beside each table there are tracks for the food delivering Shinkansen. Also all the clocks hanging on the wall are using iPad.

The iPad.

iPad charging booth. Near the cashier.

My potato salad delivered by Sushi Shinkansen.

Can or not the video?

We ordered some makimono sushi also potato salad and miso soup. We didn't have to wait the food so long. Red lamp above the rails/tracks will blink if train is coming. After we take the food we have to push the red button, so the train will come back to the kitchen.

Potato salad. Like a scoop of ice cream. Price: 12K IDR.

Deep fried gyoza with mayonnaise. We had to wait a bit longer maybe because it is fried ya. Oily but I love it moreover we can dip it to the mayonnaise. It is little bit expensive. Price: 45K IDR.

After a while, I again looked the menu on iPad and saw natto sushi. I challenged my cousin to eat natto sushi. Since I didn't like it very much. It tasted very yuck. I tried natto in Japan a year ago... and oh my god. I wanted to throw up. At Genki Sushi, I was confident to try natto sushi once again. Below is the natto sushi.

Natto sushi. Price: 18K IDR.

Natto is fermented soybeans and very famous with its healthiness but very hard to love for foreigners (outside Japan). The second time I ate natto, I still didn't like it but managed to eat one full of the natto sushi. Hahaha... And my cousin when tried to eat that like 'yuckkk'... and only ate the rice. Have you tried natto? You should try at least once in life lah, tell me if you like it. And for myself I hope I can falling in love with natto... ♥

It is... Norwegian Salmon... forgot. This is very good. Price: 19K IDR.
Mochi Taro Ice Cream. Price: 35K IDR. Expensive but it is very good! Doesn't taste like taro flavour in Chatime drinks or other bubble drinks.

Matcha Ice Cream. Price: 24IDR.

Besides sushi, Genki Sushi also sells other food udon, fish, and fried snacks. Maybe next time I'll try its udon. I couldn't say that Genki Sushi is cheap or expensive. There are some food that have reasonable price, like natto sushi, potato salad, above. But some food have expensive price like gyoza, only small gyoza costs 45K? And small mochi taro ice cream costs 35K? Hahaha...

But yeah, the eating experience there is very exciting. Only click click the iPad and the food come! For me it is very fun. So, visit again? Yes!

Genki Sushi
Plaza Senayan
Sogo Basement (in front of Foodhall)


  1. uwaa seru juga ya pesennya tnggal klik klik dan kli,pasti deh mainin sambil lihat2 dulu hehehe....sluurppttt mengundang selera >_<