Genji Shoppe, Pop-Up Shop by Genji Pie

I was really excited when I heard information that Genji Pie opened its pop-up store, Genji Shoppe. It is because Genji Pie had been one of my favorite snacks. So, I was curious with Genji Shoppe though I’ve already seen many pictures of it in internet page.

I’m sure you already knew with Genji Pie. Genji Pie is one of the Monde Biscuit Indonesia’s products. Genji Pie also has many kinds such as Original Pie, Strawberry Pie, Raisin Pie, Soft Pie, and Lemon Pie. If you still don’t know and cannot imagine or remember what is Genji Pie, I hope this picture below helps you.

It is everyone’s favorite biscuit pie: Genji Pie. I love this Genji Pie 3D street art. Unfortunately, I don’t have good picture of me posing in that 3D Genji Pie… so I just put this picture. Hehehe…

Genji Shoppe is located in Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mal 3. At first, I thought it was inside mall, I couldn't find it until I went to Ground Floor and noticed this shop. A vintage-styled and white-dominantly walled shop. I walked out the mall and suddenly amazed with the shop. Much-much love with the design and the painting. Not only the wall painting but we can see 3D Street Art and the floor decoration in seating section. I just love it. Wish I could offer my bedroom wall to be drawn like that, I willingly to do that. Hihihi ^^

Now, I want to take you to tour the shop.

Front view of Genji Shoppe.

'Genji Shoppe' on the door.

The indoor wall also fabulously drawn. Genji Shoppe also sell many merchandises like bag and T-Shirt.

Inside the Genji Shoppe.

Genji Shoppe not only serves its Genji Pie-based desserts but also offered the guests art enjoyment. The shop is beautifully decorated by five young artists:

❤ Ykha Amelz, very talented illustrator and her clients include Nike, Martha Tilaar, Harper's Bazaar, etc. 
❤ Rukmunal Hakim, Bandung-based full-time artist. For him, social interaction is his source of inspiration.
❤ Lala Bohang, artist, interior stylist, and illustrator. For her, youth is top point of humans to think, express, and work.
❤ Muhammad Taufiq (EmTe), he sees himself like a sponge, can absorb many things. Everything can be his inspiration in his works.
❤ Monica Hapsari, freelance fashion stylist, illustrator, visual artists, and teaching staff at La Salle College Indonesia. Her writing and drawing had been published in many international magazine.

Next to the delicious treats by Genji Shoppe!
Genji Shoppe has nine menus but I got chance to taste four of them.

1. This Is Not Martini 

Genji Pie mini dipped in layers of melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate and chocolate mousse in a Martini glass. Rp 25.000.

This one is what I ordered for the first time. I already fell in love with the appearance though yeah don't judge book from its cover right? But it did not disappoint at all. I kept saying to my friend, "Ini enak... ini enak..." It is served cool and I love it. Especially when you can dip the Genji Pie in the mousse. Very yummy. The mousse is a little a bit light, so I like it 

2. Sleeping Beauty

Mini genji pie hidden inside a moist, a la minute, strawberry pinkish sponge cake. Made fresh when ordered. Served with a choice Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce. Rp 25.000.

I remember the waitress said to us, "Please enjoy while warm," when serving this to our table. Yes, I touched the glass and it is warm, it made fresh when ordered! It was really great when I spooned the mixed cake and genji and dipped it to chocolate sauce. I love the taste, combination with the sourness strawberry in the cake with the sweetness of the chocolate sauce.

3. Ratatouille Goes Berries

A sweet combination of cream cheese and fresh blueberries with genji base crust. Rp 25.000.

It is more like cheesecake but with genji pie crust as the base. Also shaped like original genji pie, heart-shaped. If you love cheese, I think you would love it. 

4. When Sour Meets Choco

Sweet lovers addict, layered of Genji with chocolate malt enriched with hazelnut, finished with chocolate ganache blanded and spring fruits salad. Rp 32.000.

I a bit underestimated this from the looks. I thought it will be ordinary. But nooo, I was wrong. The chocolate ganache tastes great. If you see inside, you can see the hazelnut chocolate malt has different color with the outside ganache. The ganache is darker. But both spread tastes really nice. And it is perfect combination with sourness of the fruits.

Other menu:

❤ Sweet-Sweet Love
Heart-shaped, rich, chocolaty brownies and fresh plump raspberries sandwiched in between Genji Pie ispahan.

❤ Autumn in April
Crispy layers of Genji Pie filled with apple, pineapple and orange compote, sprinkled with fresh strawberries, raspberries, and cinnamon.

❤ The Corleones
Two choices of Genji Pie pizza with beef salami, napolitane sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and Genji Pie pizza with champignon mushrooms, melted mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and emmenthaler cheese.

❤ Smokey Burkiny
Tasty chicken burger with smokey barbeque sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheeses, on top of crispy genji pie. 

❤ Jar of Hearts/Bag of Loves
You can buy mini Genji Pie with price Rp 20.000/100grams.

❤ Make Your Own
You can create your customized Genji Pie desserts with choice of ice cream and sauce.

That's all good news from me. The bad news is Genji Shoppe only open until May 11th! So, don't wait to go to Genji Shoppe! Grab it fast! ^^

Genji Shoppe
North Entrance Street Gallery
Pondok Indah Mall 3
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan
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