Genji Shoppe, Pop-Up Shop by Genji Pie

I was really excited when I heard information that Genji Pie opened its pop-up store, Genji Shoppe. It is because Genji Pie had been one of my favorite snacks. So, I was curious with Genji Shoppe though I’ve already seen many pictures of it in internet page.

I’m sure you already knew with Genji Pie. Genji Pie is one of the Monde Biscuit Indonesia’s products. Genji Pie also has many kinds such as Original Pie, Strawberry Pie, Raisin Pie, Soft Pie, and Lemon Pie. If you still don’t know and cannot imagine or remember what is Genji Pie, I hope this picture below helps you.

It is everyone’s favorite biscuit pie: Genji Pie. I love this Genji Pie 3D street art. Unfortunately, I don’t have good picture of me posing in that 3D Genji Pie… so I just put this picture. Hehehe…

Genji Shoppe is located in Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mal 3. At first, I thought it was inside mall, I couldn't find it until I went to Ground Floor and noticed this shop. A vintage-styled and white-dominantly walled shop. I walked out the mall and suddenly amazed with the shop. Much-much love with the design and the painting. Not only the wall painting but we can see 3D Street Art and the floor decoration in seating section. I just love it. Wish I could offer my bedroom wall to be drawn like that, I willingly to do that. Hihihi ^^

Now, I want to take you to tour the shop.

Front view of Genji Shoppe.

'Genji Shoppe' on the door.

The indoor wall also fabulously drawn. Genji Shoppe also sell many merchandises like bag and T-Shirt.

Inside the Genji Shoppe.

Genji Shoppe not only serves its Genji Pie-based desserts but also offered the guests art enjoyment. The shop is beautifully decorated by five young artists:

❤ Ykha Amelz, very talented illustrator and her clients include Nike, Martha Tilaar, Harper's Bazaar, etc. 
❤ Rukmunal Hakim, Bandung-based full-time artist. For him, social interaction is his source of inspiration.
❤ Lala Bohang, artist, interior stylist, and illustrator. For her, youth is top point of humans to think, express, and work.
❤ Muhammad Taufiq (EmTe), he sees himself like a sponge, can absorb many things. Everything can be his inspiration in his works.
❤ Monica Hapsari, freelance fashion stylist, illustrator, visual artists, and teaching staff at La Salle College Indonesia. Her writing and drawing had been published in many international magazine.

Next to the delicious treats by Genji Shoppe!
Genji Shoppe has nine menus but I got chance to taste four of them.

1. This Is Not Martini 

Genji Pie mini dipped in layers of melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate and chocolate mousse in a Martini glass. Rp 25.000.

This one is what I ordered for the first time. I already fell in love with the appearance though yeah don't judge book from its cover right? But it did not disappoint at all. I kept saying to my friend, "Ini enak... ini enak..." It is served cool and I love it. Especially when you can dip the Genji Pie in the mousse. Very yummy. The mousse is a little a bit light, so I like it 

2. Sleeping Beauty

Mini genji pie hidden inside a moist, a la minute, strawberry pinkish sponge cake. Made fresh when ordered. Served with a choice Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce. Rp 25.000.

I remember the waitress said to us, "Please enjoy while warm," when serving this to our table. Yes, I touched the glass and it is warm, it made fresh when ordered! It was really great when I spooned the mixed cake and genji and dipped it to chocolate sauce. I love the taste, combination with the sourness strawberry in the cake with the sweetness of the chocolate sauce.

3. Ratatouille Goes Berries

A sweet combination of cream cheese and fresh blueberries with genji base crust. Rp 25.000.

It is more like cheesecake but with genji pie crust as the base. Also shaped like original genji pie, heart-shaped. If you love cheese, I think you would love it. 

4. When Sour Meets Choco

Sweet lovers addict, layered of Genji with chocolate malt enriched with hazelnut, finished with chocolate ganache blanded and spring fruits salad. Rp 32.000.

I a bit underestimated this from the looks. I thought it will be ordinary. But nooo, I was wrong. The chocolate ganache tastes great. If you see inside, you can see the hazelnut chocolate malt has different color with the outside ganache. The ganache is darker. But both spread tastes really nice. And it is perfect combination with sourness of the fruits.

Other menu:

❤ Sweet-Sweet Love
Heart-shaped, rich, chocolaty brownies and fresh plump raspberries sandwiched in between Genji Pie ispahan.

❤ Autumn in April
Crispy layers of Genji Pie filled with apple, pineapple and orange compote, sprinkled with fresh strawberries, raspberries, and cinnamon.

❤ The Corleones
Two choices of Genji Pie pizza with beef salami, napolitane sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and Genji Pie pizza with champignon mushrooms, melted mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and emmenthaler cheese.

❤ Smokey Burkiny
Tasty chicken burger with smokey barbeque sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheeses, on top of crispy genji pie. 

❤ Jar of Hearts/Bag of Loves
You can buy mini Genji Pie with price Rp 20.000/100grams.

❤ Make Your Own
You can create your customized Genji Pie desserts with choice of ice cream and sauce.

That's all good news from me. The bad news is Genji Shoppe only open until May 11th! So, don't wait to go to Genji Shoppe! Grab it fast! ^^

Genji Shoppe
North Entrance Street Gallery
Pondok Indah Mall 3
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan
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Tebet no Takoyaki

If you are Jakartans, I think you already knew about Tebet. Tebet is one of areas in South Jakarta where is famous of its hangout places. You can hunt clothes and culinaire there. Maybe you have heard Endorse, Sushi-Ya, De Jons, or Comic Café? I live not far from that popular youngsters hangout area. But, I don't really know what is now happening there. Kurang gaul!

I was told that there is very good takoyaki in Jalan Tebet Raya. My friend said that it was one of the best takoyaki he has ever had. And that takoyaki is located in carport of a familiar house, my high school friend’s grandma’s house. At first I thought that it is owned by my friend’s family but no, the takoyaki rented some space in that house.

In case you’ve never tried takoyaki. FYI, takoyaki consists of two words ‘tako’ and ‘yaki’. Tako means octopus, and yaki derived from yaku means to grill. Takoyaki is one of Japanese snack that ball-shaped and made of flour-based batter. It is usually filled with octopus but nowadays there are many fillings like cheese, beef, chicken, etc. After cooked, takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise poured on top of takoyaki balls. Also, poured with seaweed and katsuobushi (or dried skipjack tuna, or Indonesians usually call it as ‘cakalang’).

One week ago, my high school classmate texted me on LINE: “Let’s go to takoyaki, Na!” And, I really excited cos I’ve been curious with that takoyaki and I oredi like 3-4 years very long time no eat takoyaki. So, I’m ready!

The name is Abun Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki and where I went is not the only one, cos they have another branches. Also one where I went will move soon, but very near from the current location.

The menu.

Takoyaki pan.

Abun sells takoyaki and okonomiyaki but my friends and I only interested with its takoyaki. You can choose 4 pcs or 8 pcs. I chose 8 pcs, 4 pcs for octopus filling, and 4 pcs for beef filling. Almost forget mention, I asked for double cheese for extraaa. The price relatively not expensive. Four pcs for 12K IDR and 8 pcs for 22K IDR. Reasonable kan?

My friend ordered takoyaki without katsuobushi.

Really enjoyed katsuobushi dancing moment.


After served in our table, I was like… I couldn’t wait to taste it. Coz I was hungry and the takoyaki itself so appealing. I managed to eat it though I knew it still hoottt, hahaha…

I agreed with my friend that the takoyaki is very good. I love it. I love the takoyaki sauce. I orso could feel how my extra cheese melted in my mouth. My friends who were with me also said that it is very tasty takoyaki. But I’m still not sure that it is the best cos I rarely eat takoyaki.

Maybe next time I should try the okonomiyaki. I want try takoyaki in other places too. I want it to be in Japan!

Do you like Takoyaki?

Abun Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki
Jalan Tebet Raya (Opening hours: 16.00-22.30)
Gedung Sentra Pancoran, in front of EF Tebet (Opening hours: 11.00-19.00)
Jalan Soepomo, near McDonald's Tebet (Opening hours: 17.00-23.00)

Pretz Tom Yum Kung

Read my previous post here.

I wrote that finally I ate the Pretz after two months I bought it in Phuket. It’s not correct. The truth is after three months. Feels like I have snacks stock in my room. I forgot that now is oredi April, not March. Ok. 

So… next is Pretz Tom Yum Kung!

Have you ever tasted Tom Yum Kung? If not, have you ever heard of it?  For me, I heard it many times but never tasted the real one. I mean I ever tried only Tom Yum, but not Tom Yum Kung. Tom Yum Kung is spicy clear soup with prawns as main ingredients. Tom Yum Kung is one of many types of Tom Yum. It is traditional food of Lao and Thai but nowadays very popular in other countries, including Indonesia.

Once I saw Pretz Tom Yum Kung, I’m interested since I think this kind not sold in Indonesia. So, I bought manyyy!

Pretz in Thai Alphabet.

Production and expired date.

Compare to Pretz Fried. The color of the stick is different. Cos the Tom Yum Kung one has more spice powder.

I hate hot and spicy food but it’s okay to taste a bit. Yes, this Pretz Tom Yum Kung tasted like REAL Tom Yum, has tangy and sour flavor. The color of the box (read: orange) very represents the taste of these Pretz sticks. I could taste the shrimp and kaffir lime leaves. But still, it’s too spicy for me. My tongue too sensitive with spiciness, hehehe. For me I prefer Pretz Fried. Or Pocky.

If you’re fans of Tom Yum, you should try this lah ^^

Price: 13 THB (Thailand Baht)

Pretz Fried

When I travel abroad, my most favorite tourism site is…


It is… convenience store a.k.a konbini or even supermarket. If it is in Bali, I’m not interested at all. What I love from convenience store, I can see many snacks I’ve never eat before and I can’t hold my self not to buy snacks or candies with interesting design on its packaging. Also I love to buy snacks and candies for souvenir for my friends. Plus point is most likely cheaper than if I have to buy t-shirt, necklace or bag for souvenir. *STINGY* 

Two months ago, I traveled to Phuket, Thailand. On my last day vacation there, I went to convenience store and shopped many snacks there. The cashier girl asked to me in broken English, “To back to your country?” 


I bought many Ovaltine biscuits, candies, and PRETZ! Wait… I should find the photos the whole snacks I bought in Phuket.

Here it is! 


Anyway, do you know Pretz? I think if you often go to supermarket especially to snack sections you must know lah. Pretz is Pocky’s friend. Produced by same company, Pretz is similar to Pocky. While Pocky is biscuit stick coated mainly with sweet flavor, Pretz is also biscuit stick but has mainly savory flavor and has pattern on its stick like pretzel. In Phuket, I couldn’t find any Pocky that has different flavor with which sold also in Indonesia. But I found Pretz that I never seen before here.

I bought maybe 20s boxes of Pretz. The Larb (name of food in Thailand), Tom Yum Kung, and Fried. After arrived in Jakarta and went to supermarket, I found out that here also sells the Larb flavor which in Indonesia it is as ‘Rasa Thai pedas’ or Spicy Thai Flavor. Then I decided to give all Larb flavor to my friends and saved each one Tom Yum Kung and Fried Pretz for myself. 

Can or not read the Thai alphabet?
I can! It is Pretzzzz.


Just this morning I tried the Pretz. After two months! 

Too much I wrote for introduction. In this post I’ll review for the Fried Pretz first. Nah, Fried one has black dominant colored box. We can see the salt picture on it. What we can guess is, yeah this Pretz little bit salty lah ya. Maybe like McDonald’s French Fries. Hmmm… 

It has halal logo on its box.

Let me see inside… The taste? It reminded me with… you know, when I was a little my mom often made me white bread, pour some sugar on it, and baked in oven until dry. Yeah, it tasted like that except it’s not sweet. But has savory flavor and the saltiness is just right. 

Personally, I like it but for me Pretz is for sharing. Compared to popular Indonesian snacks like Cheetos, it is only 20 grams in its small size. But Pretz has 36 grams. Maybe it is just me, but I’m not big snack eater sih ya, so eating one box of Pretz make me full. Maybe just because Pretz is not my favorite snack.

Price: 13 THB (Thailand Baht)

Exciting Eating Experience at Genki Sushi

A few months ago, when I went to Foodhall Supermarket at Plaza Senayan, I stopped in front of a new sushi shop. I asked to the staff when it was opened. I saw it has rails like in sushi bar beside of the table. The staff explained that the ordered sushi is delivered with train that runs on that rails. While the staff explained about the restaurant to me, I saw a Japanese man waving his hand calling me to get inside the restaurants. So I asked to the staff, he is the restaurant’s manager.

I often go to Plaza Senayan because I love going to Kinokuniya, bookstore there. Sometimes orso accompany my mama shopping at Plaza Senayan too. Or just hanging out with friends. I usually go to foodcourt when I’m hungry and after that I go to supermarket, and like “why didn’t I have my lunch at Genki Sushi?” I always forgot. So when my cousin went to Jakarta 3 weeks ago, we had a plan eating at Genki Sushi.

The waiter gave us an iPad. It is used for ordering food and drink. The menu all shown on iPad. We just click click click and wait for a minute, and the food came to us in Shinkansen or Racing Car running on the rails beside the table. It is really fun. Unfortunately, if we order drinks from the iPad, the drink come to us not by the Shinkansen, but the waiter who brings it. We also can see our total purchase in the iPad. It is really good feature. For me. Who has limited budget hahaha…

You can see beside each table there are tracks for the food delivering Shinkansen. Also all the clocks hanging on the wall are using iPad.

The iPad.

iPad charging booth. Near the cashier.

My potato salad delivered by Sushi Shinkansen.

Can or not the video?

We ordered some makimono sushi also potato salad and miso soup. We didn't have to wait the food so long. Red lamp above the rails/tracks will blink if train is coming. After we take the food we have to push the red button, so the train will come back to the kitchen.

Potato salad. Like a scoop of ice cream. Price: 12K IDR.

Deep fried gyoza with mayonnaise. We had to wait a bit longer maybe because it is fried ya. Oily but I love it moreover we can dip it to the mayonnaise. It is little bit expensive. Price: 45K IDR.

After a while, I again looked the menu on iPad and saw natto sushi. I challenged my cousin to eat natto sushi. Since I didn't like it very much. It tasted very yuck. I tried natto in Japan a year ago... and oh my god. I wanted to throw up. At Genki Sushi, I was confident to try natto sushi once again. Below is the natto sushi.

Natto sushi. Price: 18K IDR.

Natto is fermented soybeans and very famous with its healthiness but very hard to love for foreigners (outside Japan). The second time I ate natto, I still didn't like it but managed to eat one full of the natto sushi. Hahaha... And my cousin when tried to eat that like 'yuckkk'... and only ate the rice. Have you tried natto? You should try at least once in life lah, tell me if you like it. And for myself I hope I can falling in love with natto... ♥

It is... Norwegian Salmon... forgot. This is very good. Price: 19K IDR.
Mochi Taro Ice Cream. Price: 35K IDR. Expensive but it is very good! Doesn't taste like taro flavour in Chatime drinks or other bubble drinks.

Matcha Ice Cream. Price: 24IDR.

Besides sushi, Genki Sushi also sells other food udon, fish, and fried snacks. Maybe next time I'll try its udon. I couldn't say that Genki Sushi is cheap or expensive. There are some food that have reasonable price, like natto sushi, potato salad, above. But some food have expensive price like gyoza, only small gyoza costs 45K? And small mochi taro ice cream costs 35K? Hahaha...

But yeah, the eating experience there is very exciting. Only click click the iPad and the food come! For me it is very fun. So, visit again? Yes!

Genki Sushi
Plaza Senayan
Sogo Basement (in front of Foodhall)

Japanese Brownies by Flour Flour

It seems I haven't explored Lotte Shopping Avenue very well. It was just three days ago, for the first time (the shop oredi opened from October 2013!), I saw a bakery shop named Flour Flour Kenji Kawasaki. I thought the shop has positive aura which made me walking toward it. From the shop name, we can know that Flour Flour is Japanese-style bakery.

What made me more excited was Flour Flour served many testers there! So, I tried many. Some of what I tasted were Chocolate Scone (I like it very much!), Matcha Scone (yes, I could taste the infused matcha very well), and Japanese Brownies, which I bought later. I tried many until I was full. Thanks Flour Flour!

I also saw the famous Melon Pan, Flour Flour's own jam, Macarons, Cream Choux, and many more. And all of those were so interesting. To be brought home. Finally, I only took Japanese Brownies. My mom took Rum Raisin Scone and other kind, I forgot the name. When my mom ate the scone, she kept telling me that it was very-very good. I knew, Mom.

Written in the website, the concept of the Flour Flour is simple but unique by adding Japanese twist. Flour Flour also using the finest Japanese flour to keep the quality of the pastries. And Kenji Kawasaki is the name of a chef who was entrusted by Hide Yamamoto, who is Japanese born-master chef. I've seen a fine dining restaurant named Hide Yamamoto also in Lotte Shopping Avenue. One group lah ya. When I was there, I saw two chefs are Japanese ^^

Anyway, do you want to see the Japanese Brownies? 

See who is inside the paper bag?

This Japanese Brownies is very delicious. I swear. The chocolate flavour is a little bit bitter which made it has wonderful taste. I think chocolate fans will like it. And it has cashew crush inside, made this brownies very kanpeki 完璧 (perfect).

Unfortunately, the price is little bit higher relative to another bakery, even to other Japanese-style bakery in Jakarta. This Japanese Brownies costs 18K IDR. The small macaron costs 12K IDR. I also surprised when I saw one kind of bread and costs 23K IDR. I thought other bakery would sell kinda like it only at 13K. But still, I want to try another kind of breads, pastries, and cakes. The most of that make me curious are Cream Choux and the Macaron. Will try next time!

Flour Flour Kenji Kawasaki
Ciputra World Super Block 1 Floor 03
Lotte Shopping Avenue
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Jakarta, Indonesia