Sweet Gift From Sweet Friend

Few days ago, I met my campus friend and she said, "I have a gift for you." Then she took a small gift box and gave it to me. I put the box named 'The Fudge House' inside my bag. She told me that it was from Korea (only the fudge), her father was just came back from there.

Do you want to see inside the box?

❤ Hershey's KitKat
❤ Ghirardelli Chocolate
❤ 4 square Fudge by The Fudge House

This KitKat brand looks abit different with the usual KitKat. Suddenly, I remembered that global KitKat produced by Nestle except in United States, made by Hershey, which is the competitor of Nestle. KitKat is chocolate-covered biscuit wafer bar (?) which at first made by Rowntree's of York, England. With agreement with Rowntree's, The Hershey Company has license to produce KitKat. At 1988, RownTree's was bought by Nestle, but still Hershey produced KitKat but only in US.

The ingredients is abit different with Nestle's KitKat... But I tasted the same lah couldn't find the difference, hahaha... That was my first time tasting non-Nestle KitKat. And also first time tasting chocolate with Ghirardelli brand.

Ghirardelli is a chocolate brand produced by Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. It is United States Division of the famous Lindt chocolate. I don't know what is my friend gave to me, but I thought it was 'ordinary' milk chocolate. But yeah, Ghirardelli's milk chocolate was good kok.

Fudge is kind of sweets made by sugar, butter, and milk. A little bit chewy and creamy, sometimes when you bite it, stuck on your teeth. My friend gave me four square of fudge which has different flavor. White for white chocolate, green for mint, yellow for lemon, and pink for strawberry (or other berries?). Tastes a bit odd, but delicious and tasty.

Do you like sweets?


  1. a very sweet gift box Na. Just knew bout Kitkat, Nestle and Hershey. Thanks Na! :)