Eaton's Sweet Moon

Yesterday, when I was in Plaza Senayan, my sister and I stopped by Eaton Bakery. It seemed my sister wanted to buy some cakes. I saw a signboard in front of the shop... written there, Eaton has new items called Sweet Moon. I thought it was like Chinese Moon Cake and I was not interested. Until the shopkeeper told me about the Sweet Moon and he said there was tester in the cashier. There were Banana, Milk, Durian, and Taro flavor. I tried the Banana one and... it reminded me with Tokyo Banana.

I also tried the Sweet Moon Durian... yeah it was good but I'm not fan of Durian flavor. No no, I didn't only tried the tester lah, I bought one Sweet Moon. It costs Rp 10.500. But then the cashier woman said there is promotion Buy 2 get 1 Milk Sweet Moon free. So I went home with three Sweet Moons: Taro, Banana, and Milk!

Basically, Sweet Moon is chiffon cake with fillings. You can choose either Taro, Durian, Banana, and Milk flavor. The cake is very soft... and when you take the first bite until you meet the filling. Oh gosh, it is really good. I love most is the Banana one. The least is Taro. 

I love these Sweet Moons. But my mom said the flavor is only so-so. Yeah different tongue...

Yes, surely. Also buy Cheese Steam Cake, I love it. And I want to try Eaton's Rainbow Cake and Cheese Cake. 

Sweet Moon by Eaton Bakery
Price: Rp10.500