Plushstories: Shirley Goes To Japan

I participated in Jenesys 2.0 Batch 2 Program from a week ago. Shirley accompanied me.

We went to Asute in Toyota City by bus.

 We also took Shinkansen! Very fast! Very smooth!

Also there were discussions in Jenesys 2.0 schedule.

 My host family has a small temple and we prayed there.


Want to know more about Jenesys 2.0 Batch 2 and our journey in Japan? Stay tune at this blog or my Bahasa Indonesia blog. ^^


  1. if you've stay at there, bring my greetings to Mii-chan (Minami Minegishi), Na.... Hahaha....

    Frankly, nowadays i have a desire to go Japan. It's appeared when i begin to like AKB48... Hahaha.. I hope i can go there... That's a second country - except Spain - where i want to go to... Thus i end up to learn the language (for romajin only). Hahaha...

  2. wealahhh, beneran di bawa ke jepang :D

  3. hurraayyy Shirley.. I wanna go there too.. :-D

  4. Una, how do you get to know the infos on exchange study like that? I'm guessing it's one of the perks of going to a well-known school, eh?

    Enlighten me with infos on things like that, will you? ;)

  5. Wow ... cool Na ... *pffh mau sok nginggris tapi jari2ku belibet..* :D

  6. jaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuhh bgt..........

  7. bonekanya enak banget mbak, bisa jalan jalan ikut yang punya :D