The Book of Answers

I went to Kinokuniya and walked into Paranormal section. I found a book titled The Book of Answers by Carol Bolt. To use the book, we have to ask a question, and then open the book, you will see the answer. So I tried to ask a question, "What about my future? Will I be a successful person?" I closed my eyes for a little while.

Book of Answers.
I opened the book and the answer was...

The answer.
Suddenly, I smiled. Indeed, I believe that I will be a successful person. I'm sure of it. Oh ya, I found the website, here: If you want to try, maybe?


  1. Hehe ... neng Una, kayanya isi jawabannya bagus semua, tampaknya untuk membuat setiap yang membuka buku "The Book of Answers' mempunyai rasa optimis. Englishmu keren neng ckckck two thumbs :)

    1. Jadi penasaran sama semua isi jawaban dari ini buku, apa betul isinya bagus semua biar bisa memotivasi orang atau ???? hihi penasaran

  2. Realy interested to this book :)

  3. That's the spirit and I really wish you a very good luck for your future and may you have all the success that you want. And I want to say the always stay positive.