I'm Crazy For Marzipan!

I went to Singapore a few days ago and as true Indonesian I went to Mustafa Centre. Yes! Shopping! I'm not that kind of a person who like shopping but I love to go to market, shops, etc and love to see something that I cannot find in my place. And I, love love love very keen on the taste of cherry, almond, and marzipan. So when I go to supermarket, I will be very excited if I can find chocolates, beverages with those flavours.

And when I went to Mustafa, I saw a box of chocolates with marzipan inside! I seldom find this kind of chocolates. Even Monggo, which is Indonesian brand, has marzipan flavors, I cannot find it in Jakarta. I only see it in Jogjakarta.

Beech's Original Dark Chocolate Marzipan.
So, without thinking twice, I grabbed it! The price is SGD 8,5. Expensive but not so if we compare with Godiva, wehehehe!

The inside.
This was my first time to try Beech's. Written on it that made in UK. With the contain 150grams, I got 14 marzipan-filled chocolates.

So I tried it... and yes, this was the taste I'm crazy on! Similar to Monggo Marzipan, Coca-Cola Cherry, or almond pudding. Awww... delicious, yummy!

The Marzipan!
Overall, I looovveee this chocolate. What I don't love is whyyy I cannot find it in Indonesia. @.@ And still I'm confused why not so many people like marzipan. My best friends, Aji and Kartika, said that marzipan flavour is ewww, yuck. Oh... T.T They said marzipan is like cockroach flavor. I wondered how they know taste of cockroach...

Do you like the flavor of marzipan? If you like the taste of cherry-flavored flu medicine or chinese almond pudding, I think you love it!