Plushstories: Shirley Goes To Japan

I participated in Jenesys 2.0 Batch 2 Program from a week ago. Shirley accompanied me.

We went to Asute in Toyota City by bus.

 We also took Shinkansen! Very fast! Very smooth!

Also there were discussions in Jenesys 2.0 schedule.

 My host family has a small temple and we prayed there.


Want to know more about Jenesys 2.0 Batch 2 and our journey in Japan? Stay tune at this blog or my Bahasa Indonesia blog. ^^

The Book of Answers

I went to Kinokuniya and walked into Paranormal section. I found a book titled The Book of Answers by Carol Bolt. To use the book, we have to ask a question, and then open the book, you will see the answer. So I tried to ask a question, "What about my future? Will I be a successful person?" I closed my eyes for a little while.

Book of Answers.
I opened the book and the answer was...

The answer.
Suddenly, I smiled. Indeed, I believe that I will be a successful person. I'm sure of it. Oh ya, I found the website, here: If you want to try, maybe?

I'm Crazy For Marzipan!

I went to Singapore a few days ago and as true Indonesian I went to Mustafa Centre. Yes! Shopping! I'm not that kind of a person who like shopping but I love to go to market, shops, etc and love to see something that I cannot find in my place. And I, love love love very keen on the taste of cherry, almond, and marzipan. So when I go to supermarket, I will be very excited if I can find chocolates, beverages with those flavours.

And when I went to Mustafa, I saw a box of chocolates with marzipan inside! I seldom find this kind of chocolates. Even Monggo, which is Indonesian brand, has marzipan flavors, I cannot find it in Jakarta. I only see it in Jogjakarta.

Beech's Original Dark Chocolate Marzipan.
So, without thinking twice, I grabbed it! The price is SGD 8,5. Expensive but not so if we compare with Godiva, wehehehe!

The inside.
This was my first time to try Beech's. Written on it that made in UK. With the contain 150grams, I got 14 marzipan-filled chocolates.

So I tried it... and yes, this was the taste I'm crazy on! Similar to Monggo Marzipan, Coca-Cola Cherry, or almond pudding. Awww... delicious, yummy!

The Marzipan!
Overall, I looovveee this chocolate. What I don't love is whyyy I cannot find it in Indonesia. @.@ And still I'm confused why not so many people like marzipan. My best friends, Aji and Kartika, said that marzipan flavour is ewww, yuck. Oh... T.T They said marzipan is like cockroach flavor. I wondered how they know taste of cockroach...

Do you like the flavor of marzipan? If you like the taste of cherry-flavored flu medicine or chinese almond pudding, I think you love it!


I thought prices or ticket fees in Cambodia were not so expensive, until I got trapped in Ton Le Sap Lake floating village. It will be okay if entering Angkor Wat which is listed on UNESCO Heritage Site costs 20 bucks, but for this... hmmm... continue read my post, please.

The officer in hotel where my friend and I stayed, tuk-tuk driver whom we met, all Cambodians around us said that Floating Village in Siem Reap is very nice, beautiful, and worth to see. So we decided to spend our afternoon going to see the village. We rode tuk-tuk for about 14 kms and the price was 10 bucks. The driver waited us until we finished our tour to the lake.

We had to pay 20USD for the tour and there was no any sign that written its 'official' price in the ticket counter nor in the ticket paper. And the officer that served us wore an uniform and the badge in his arm written something like: ministry of tourism industry. He also not so friendly.

Then we walked to the dock where many boats were parked. An officer guided us to one of the boat. And my friend and I were only tourists in that boat whereas in other boats there were many western tourists in each boat. I already smelled something bad. Hmmm...

From the dock to the village we had to rode for 6-7 kms. The village is located in Ton Le Sap Lake, which is told the biggest lake in Southeast Asia. There are many floating villages in the lake but the nearest one from Siem Reap is Chong Khneas. There are 1,115 families who live in Chong Khneas. Since the houses is floating, they can be moved everywhere.

So here it is the main story. In the middle of the lake, not so middle sih of course. The guide told us that in the village there is a school and 200s of them are orphan. They live in the school so they need some food and supplies, the guide said to us. He asked if we wanted to donate them. He said that if we donated some money, it wouldn't distributed to the kids so he suggested us to buy some food in the market. I again smelled something bad...

We went to the market and a man greeted us. He offered us rice, water, or noodles. He said that the rice sold in 20kgs or 50kgs sack. Guess, how much the small one? 50 dollar, crazy... And the noodle is 0,5USD but we had to buy 50 because it were one box. So it was 25USD. If we compare to Indomie, we can buy five boxes for 25USD. When we were in the market, very dilemma. One side, I already knew all of this were scams but on the other side we only two foreign tourist, alone, girls, young, beautiful also *so what*. I didn't know if we refused all of that, the boat would leave us in the middle of the lake. Oh noooo...

So the guide brought the noodles to the boat and we headed to the school. There were many kids there and we handed the noodles to the teacher. The teacher thanked to us, and what I wanted was only quickly ending the tour.

The lake was not so good, the water was brown, and the village was not nice. After I found wi-fi I googled: floating village scam cambodia. And yeah, many many bad reviews for it. I really really disappointed for not browsing and googling that floating village scam before. I spent almost 50USD for something not worth to visit (tuk-tuk, ticket fee, donation scam, guide tip) and donating to the Cambodia government mafia since the tour is provided by Cambodia Ministry of Tourism. The school maybe only a fake, I don't know lah.

I suggest who want to go to Cambodia shouldn't visit the floating village except you're okay to spend much money for supporting Cambodia institutional corruption and you want to know how the scam works... mehehehe...