Surabaya Submarine Monument

Actually, I've published a post about Surabaya Submarine Monument in Warung Blogger's Blog. But not yet in my personal blog. So I write again here, of course with a few changes, wehehehe!

Monumen Kapal Selam, or people usually call it by Monkasel, is a submarine monument in Surabaya. The submarine is real and full-scale, named KRI Pasopati 410 and made in Vladivostok Russia in 1952. Dominantly green and black-colored, it looks very... very... strong. Hell yeah of course because it made of steel. This sub was belong to Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia (KRI, Republic of Indonesia warship) in Indonesian Navy since 1962 and became a monument since 1998.

Since 2009, I visited Surabaya for a several times. Maybe twice a year, this year already twice too. I always passed through Jalan Pemuda, since it is one of main road in central part of Surabaya, where Monkasel is located, but I've never had my interest to go there before this. So back then, April 2012, I asked my supernanny Mbak Lis to accompany me to visit Monkasel. And she was just okay, so here we go!

Half of gate and the Pasopati 410.

Ticket only 5000IDR.

Just enter passing the yellow stairs.
The entrance ticket is only 5000IDR and there are two coupons, for entering the submarine and the second one for watching video about Indonesian Navy in video rama. Young lady greeted us when we entered the submarine. She tore our tickets and explained the brief history of the monument and what are the uses of the first section of submarine. There are four torpedos used for powering the ship also there are submarine personnels beds.

Total there are seven sections in the sub. Among others are electricity machine section, logistic section, bathrooms, and other functional sections. We can see also the periscope, a tool for seeing something from furtive position. In each section, there is a board of signage and also some little explanation about the section.

The white-painted metal frame in the right is beds for sub personnels.

The machine.
Is it okay, Mbak? 
Periscope and bathroom.
No worry of feeling hot inside because the sub is aircon-ed. But still hot, sih. After we exited from the sub, we watched documentary film about Indonesian navy in video rama. Not so good, because the gilm made in 1998, and nowadays is 2012! Still in the Monkasel area, there is also public swimming pool.

Monumen Kapal Selam Surabaya (Surabaya Submarine Monument)
Address: Jalan Pemuda 39, Surabaya
Phone/Fax: +62 31 5490410
Opening hours: 08.00-22.00


  1. I've never entered before..

    pertamax :D

  2. ehhh aku kemaren abis dariii sini tapi kok cepretannmu bagus sihhhh naa...kmren keujanan sih ak hiksss

  3. Wih keren nih,, kaya di film-film...