River Cruise in Singapore

I hate comparing Indonesia with other countries. Every country has its specialties, uniqueness, and wonders. But I think it is natural if we go to abroad and feel like the transportation, the tourism, so on so on more going well than in Indonesia and directly I just compare them. Hahaha, sorry Indonesia. For example is like what I want to review in this post. Singapore river cruise. Singapore offers us, the tourists to take a boat and cruising the river. The river is not so clean very muchos but if I could compare with Ciliwung...........

Wehehehe! In this case I wonder if Ciliwung had river cruise like in Singapore.

Singapore River Cruise is built to preserve the heritage of using bumboats in river. Back then the bumboats still not machine-powered (tongkangs), different with today. My friend, Anne, and I took the boat from near of Merlion Park. Costs us 18SGD each person.

There are three quays we pass: Boat Quay, Robertson Quay, and Clarke Quay. Also we can see many bridges there like Esplanade Bridge, Elvin Bridge, etc. Some of them is built in British Empire colony era. And the last we can see many Singapore landmarks like Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, and Raffles Landing Site.

Below the Esplanade bridge. 
Business District.
Singapore flyer on the right. 
The door of the boat, my lens is not wide enough to capture it.
Singapore River Cruise offers two packages. The option is Tale of 2 Quays and Tale of 3 Quays. We picked the first one, of course quicker than the other option. I did enjoy my journey with the riverboat but I didn't get stunned with this. I couldn't say WOW with rolling my body but I thought this was enjoyable.

Singapore River Cruise