Plushstories: Hi, Stephie!

Once upon a time, Shirley and Shirloy looked seriously at my cellphone.

"Wow, that's us," Shirley said.

"Hm, I think not deh. They look alike us, but no ah I think," Shirloy explained.

"What are you two doing, hey?" I asked them.

"Is this us, or not?" Shirley asked.

"Let me see."

"A, not you lah. They are Mbak Stephie's sheep," I explained.

"Who is Mbak Stephie?" Shirley asked.

"Mbak Stephie is my blogfriend. One day, she sent me e-mail, she told me that she like Shirley and Shaun much. Mbak Stephie is a doctor but she loves plushies very much. Next few days, she bought the sheep plushies. Then she told me that she always laugh if she looks her three sheep. My mom and Mbak Lis told me that I'm nut because I always giggle when I see you, but listen! Mbak Stephie is like that too, hahaha!

Mbak Stephie lives not far from here. But I have never met her yet. She's a writer and already published her first novel: My Beautiful Best Friend. Her blog is"

"Then, you should take picture of us and send it to Mbak Stephie," Shirley asked me.

"Okay, then."

"Ah, you all haven't had your shower yet yak? No, no, I won't send the photo. You all look ugly."

"Booo..." they all yelled at me.

"Hi, Stephie!" Shirloy greeted.


  1. Wow... same stories.. just a different language.
    What I should same commented? :P

  2. may I introduce my self to Stephie?

    Sometimes I felt shy before braving myself confidence in front of every girl ..

    I want to tell her that I am a blogger, too :D

  3. Replies
    1. Jiahhhh Bahasa Inggrisku mah jelek kali mbak :(

  4. Comment in English or boso Jowo wae Na ?hehehe..

    Always in inovated, Una !!

  5. wuiiih.. baru tau nih ternyata ono versi enggresnya.. ckckck.. kereeen.. But i can't comment in english :D