Not Jammed Jakarta, Yes It Was

Yesterday, I accompanied my supernanny, Mbak Lis, to pick up my mom from her office. She said there was no any taxis. Yes, usually she took taxi to go home. Our car passed through Casablanca, which was so jammed because of the non-toll bridge construction connecting Kampung Melayu to Tanah Abang.

After picking up my mom, we passed the same way we took off before. Casablanca again. Jammed again. After Terowongan Casablanca, Kuburan Menteng Pulo, jammed again. Then my mind went back remembering when I was child. Back then, I often joined my father to pick up my mom in her office, in Sudirman. We passed through Casablanca or the alternative one through Gatot Subroto. Turn left after Polda, there was no traffic jam even in Sudirman. Even there was a popular song and the lyric like: The road jammed, jammed again. Because the Komo passed by. Komo is a character adapted from Komodo which is created by Kak Seto.

I confused, which roads Komo made the traffic jam? Since back then, Sudirman was not so jammed like nowadays!

So I asked my mom when we picked up her yesterday.

Me: "I remember when I was a child, my father and I went to your office, and the roads are not jammed."
Mom: "Yeah of course, it was 20 years ago!"
Me: "No, mom, 15 years."
Mom: "Still the same. Nowadays Jakarta changed a lot from 15 years ago."
Me: "Back then, Sudirman was not so jammed like this, right?"
Mom: "Yeah it was..."

I, myself if I saw traffic jam like in the photos I took above, my head could easily get dizzy or migraine. Really. Luckily, my school now is not located in crowded and 'central' area, so I still feel okay. And what I want is... get away from Jakarta as soon as possible. But when I will graduate? That's the most important question.