Enjoying Hong Kong in 360° at Sky 100

My mom asked where I wanted to go. At that moment was about at 11.00 am and I had to catch my flight back to Jakarta at 4pm. I answered her, Sky 100. She was okay and we went there! We caught MTR from Causeway Bay going to Kowloon and got to International Commerce Centre (ICC), the fifth highest skyscraper in the world, the building where Sky 100 is located.

Sky 100 is observation deck and open to public since April 2011. Located in 100th floor of ICC, we could see Hong Kong panorama in 360 degree. We could see the northern part of Hong Kong Island and some part of Kowloon. The ticket costs 150 HKD but fortunately I got some discount because I took Cathay Pacific, so I got 120 HKD. Still expensive, though. Before entering the ticket centre, there are monitors and projectors shows us in the wall how the building was built and the facts about ICC. In the ticket counter, there is board that tell the time the sunset will come. I think it is very great to see sunset in 100th floor!

The ticket.
The highest floor in ICC is in number 118. There is Ritz-Carlton in 102th-118th if you want to stay in one of highest hotel in the world. In the 118th floor itself there is swimming pool and reportedly it is highest in the world. Wanna some try? My mom's office is in 88th floor. And of course the Sky 100 is in the 100th floor. ICC is located in altitute 484m and the Sky 100 is 393m.

There are special elevators that can go up only to Sky 100. If we go to the elevator, the lamp inside will be flickering colorfully. And after it stop and reach the 100th floor, it will go off. My mom said it was so quicly the elevator reaching the 100th floor. The employee said it go up for four minutes, my mom said like that. But it was 'for a minute', not 'four minutes'.

I saw the deck and all I could say, only place like this, so expensivoo? Hahaha... But it was very beautiful to see Hong Kong from above. The buildings, strait, skyscrapers, great! And the deck has many facilities. We can not only see Hong Kong but also learn about the culture, the tourism objects, etc through the pictures and displays there. If you're hungry, there is a restaurant. If you want to use internet, there is free wifi. Also there is a souvenir shop. If you're dying to pee, there is clean restroom. Try to pee in 100th floor! Woohoo! And the pee will flow down very quickly with acceleration of gravitation.


How's Hong Kong dude? 
West Kowloon. 
I want eaaattt thaaaat!
though Sky 100 is quite expensive (for me only maybe T.T), but I recommend you to go there. Especially for you who those have fear of heights. *evil smirk*

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck
100/F, International Commerce Centre
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong