Egg Tarts by Margaret's Cafe e Nata, Must Eat in Macau!

When I browsed some references for travelling in Macau, I often found informations about Margaret's Cafe e Nata. The specialty of Margaret's is also the specialty of Macau: Portuguese Egg Tarts. Many reviews say that Margaret's egg tarts are the best in town. Of course, I was curious since I love egg tart. So my friend, Bellita and I planned to go there. And we did it!

Very lucky we were because Margaret's Cafe e Nata is located behind our hostel where we stayed. Just walked for some meters and turned left, we could found our high-priority destination. But when I tried to reach there in afternoon, the Margaret's Cafe had already closed. So we tried next morning. Hell yeah, Margaret's was very crowded. Very busy. We had to queue for maybe 10 minutes.

Margaret's also sell many other bakeries and beverages. But all we wanted eat is egg tart! So we two each ordered egg tarts (of course) and a cup of hot chocolate. The employee gave our four egg tarts and a card with number. We had to wait our hot chocolate. Here it is, the best egg tarts in Macau!

Oh my god!
Do you want some?
The egg tarts are not so expensive, 9MOP/HKD each and the chocolate was like 12 MOP/HKD. I took a first bite and yes, I agreed all those reviews which say the egg tarts is great. Very great. Egg tarts by Bread Talk not so great lah compared to Margaret's. The pastry crust, outer part of egg tarts were very delicious and the custard part was very soft and made me addicted to those tart. Oh God... I planned to buy more egg tarts before, but after I finished my two egg tarts, my stomach was already full.

Because I already got stunned by the egg tarts, I forgot to take picture of the hot chocolate. Quite delicious also and warming my body in winter season in Macau.

Margaret's Cafe e Nata
G/F, 17A Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
(853) 2871 0032


  1. knp bikin blog baru Na?
    pertamax nih...

    pengen margaretnyssssss

  2. punten, bade ningali blogna una :) biar ah pake bahasa sunda aja komennya :-D

  3. Hahaha... your face... (^ ^
    Are you terrorist?
    look delicious... I want two margarets.


    Fresh new blog... Can I follow your new blog?

  4. waduh, blognya pake bahasa timnas idola saya setelah Indonesia, hehe

    happy blogging mbak una, be the best ae wes, hehe

  5. ninggalin jejak ah


    Semoga bisa konsisten ya Na hehehe aku dulu gara2 asyik di blog berbahasa Indonesia, yang english version malah terbengkalai :(

    1. Amiiin semoga.
      Wah, idupin lagi atuh mbak :D

  6. Sudahkah Kafe-mu menggunakan Greenpack sebagai pilihan dus makanan kamu? Kalau belum, coba deh baca keunggulan-keunggulan Greenpack di sini