Chocolate Mini Cake by Maqui's

Recent years, I often see Maqui's shops in many malls in Jakarta. You name it, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Pacific Place, I always see them, which come from Kobe-Japan. A pink-colored dominantly small shop which sells chocolates, cakes, cheese cake, pudding, and so on. And for me, some of them (which they sell) are really-really expensive, such as cheese cake in a small cup costs about 30K IDR. Expensivooo...

So, I only tried that for me have reasonable prices. Maqui's has its signature mini cakes and it offers many varieties. Rare cheese, green tea, almond, chocolate, and cream cheese. One small mini cake worth 8500IDR, still little exp but still reasonable lah. One of my favorite is chocolate mini cake. The shape is like pie, with the outer part of pie and the middle part is the filling, the 'chocolate'.

The outer pie is like a cake or pie in usual, not so special. But the 'chocolate', OMG, it's very soft and tastes like chocolate cookies but in shape of cake. The chocolate flavour is so very... chocolate. And for those who like dark chocolate maybe it's tasty for you also. Aaa, I want ittt! Anyway, I also like the design of its logo and packaging, appealing lah. ^^


  1. The cake looks so moist, yummy, delicious and lovely but it's still too expensive (I think).

  2. wow its looks like a piece of paradise chocolate. hmm yummy