Blog Review: Stupid Monkey

Finally, first post in this blog! Huurraaayy! First of all, I want to thank to God, who created me, to my parents who produced me, especially my mom who bought me computer and subscribed internet at my home so I can enjoy blogging, and also thank to my brothaaa, Stupid Monkey, who set this blog into this domain.

Anyway, Stumon, which I usually call him by, forced me to make a blog review about his blog. Okay, I am a kind and cool person, so I was okay to make him one. So here it is: Blog Review: Stupid Monkey!

Stupid Monkey blog header.
I knew his blog since last year, maybe October or November 2011. From his posts I knew that he loves to go to mountains. He even declared that he already stepped all the peak in Java. Is that true, Stumon?  Also in his blog banner says: Alam diciptakan untuk dirawat, dicinta dan dijelajahi, which means nature is created to be nurtured, to be loved, and to be explored. He also love Bob Marley and always claim that he looks alike Marley. Pret! Marley is mooorrrreee handsome you know thaaat! Anyway...

His blog not so kinda all about nature thingies. He also post some news, informations, updates, also chit-chat, joke, and so on. He likes to say: wew. I don't know what does it mean. His blog was so interactive. I said was. After mid-year, and after he moved to another city, his blog was rarely updated. Recently, I saw he frequently updated his blog.

He is a nice person. I mean if we have troubles in setting blog or about internet, and we ask him, he will teach and instruct us patiently. But he is not nice, too. He didn't help me to cross the road when I asked him nicely! *please don't shut off my blog, hahaha*

Want to see him? This is his pic.

Stupid Monkey.
Sorry my camera resolution only 700 pixels.
Want to know him more, just go to his blog:


  1. You are very honest apparently, termakasih on his review

  2. You are very honest apparently, thanks to his review

  3. wow, must in english?

    K C
    J C

  4. when will u review my blog, sist??? hehe

  5. ow no.. why selalu blur... .-"

  6. wow new blog, i know in this photo #bener gag seh bahasa inggris e :D

  7. cool!
    the next Q is : when is my turn, Na? xixixi