A Gift From Jogja

I was really sleepy while my mother was coming from airport. But when she said, "You got birthday gift from your aunt!" Suddenly my eyes could open widely. She gave me gift which put in a beautiful box, purple one. I opened the box and voila... six bars of Cokelat Monggo! Hurrraaayyy!

Cokelat Monggo is produced in Kotagede, Jogjakarta and quite popular there also in another cities. Monggo has been being souvenirs from Jogja for years. In Jakarta, we can found them in Circle-K or supermarkets but I never can find my favorite flavor: Marzipan. And my aunt knows me lah. She gave six bars and three of them are Marzipan! Woo-hoo!

Before, I didn't so like these chocolates. But older I am, my tongue also more intelligent. Monggo is not so so delicious, but not bad lah. Moreover it has my beloved flavor, sooo I love ittt! Marzipan is like almond, or cherry flavor. Yummyyyy~

The purple box.
Aawww yummy!
My favorite!
This was also my first time trying the milk one. Not so good for me. Marzipan is the best!
Do you like chocolate?


  1. love chocolate a lot but at the moment it's forbidden for me :( too bad heh :(

    lucky you having a generous aunty and know you well :D (imagine my niece will say that someday in the future :D)

    1. Youre really nice aunty lah mbak.
      If you werent, you wouldnt post something about your niece xD

  2. kok tulisane angel diwoco yo? heheheeee

  3. just for someday i like chocolate..
    not at all i like at manydays

  4. I like chocolate very much. Do you want to share it to me.
    Warm regards

    1. surely, It will awe some if you wanna share it with me either:)

  5. I bought one one of my dates with Bul, the chocolate. It was easily melted but very delicious indeed. Though I forgot what taste I bought back then.. :P