Chocolate Mini Cake by Maqui's

Recent years, I often see Maqui's shops in many malls in Jakarta. You name it, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Pacific Place, I always see them, which come from Kobe-Japan. A pink-colored dominantly small shop which sells chocolates, cakes, cheese cake, pudding, and so on. And for me, some of them (which they sell) are really-really expensive, such as cheese cake in a small cup costs about 30K IDR. Expensivooo...

So, I only tried that for me have reasonable prices. Maqui's has its signature mini cakes and it offers many varieties. Rare cheese, green tea, almond, chocolate, and cream cheese. One small mini cake worth 8500IDR, still little exp but still reasonable lah. One of my favorite is chocolate mini cake. The shape is like pie, with the outer part of pie and the middle part is the filling, the 'chocolate'.

The outer pie is like a cake or pie in usual, not so special. But the 'chocolate', OMG, it's very soft and tastes like chocolate cookies but in shape of cake. The chocolate flavour is so very... chocolate. And for those who like dark chocolate maybe it's tasty for you also. Aaa, I want ittt! Anyway, I also like the design of its logo and packaging, appealing lah. ^^

Surabaya Submarine Monument

Actually, I've published a post about Surabaya Submarine Monument in Warung Blogger's Blog. But not yet in my personal blog. So I write again here, of course with a few changes, wehehehe!

Monumen Kapal Selam, or people usually call it by Monkasel, is a submarine monument in Surabaya. The submarine is real and full-scale, named KRI Pasopati 410 and made in Vladivostok Russia in 1952. Dominantly green and black-colored, it looks very... very... strong. Hell yeah of course because it made of steel. This sub was belong to Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia (KRI, Republic of Indonesia warship) in Indonesian Navy since 1962 and became a monument since 1998.

Since 2009, I visited Surabaya for a several times. Maybe twice a year, this year already twice too. I always passed through Jalan Pemuda, since it is one of main road in central part of Surabaya, where Monkasel is located, but I've never had my interest to go there before this. So back then, April 2012, I asked my supernanny Mbak Lis to accompany me to visit Monkasel. And she was just okay, so here we go!

Half of gate and the Pasopati 410.

Ticket only 5000IDR.

Just enter passing the yellow stairs.
The entrance ticket is only 5000IDR and there are two coupons, for entering the submarine and the second one for watching video about Indonesian Navy in video rama. Young lady greeted us when we entered the submarine. She tore our tickets and explained the brief history of the monument and what are the uses of the first section of submarine. There are four torpedos used for powering the ship also there are submarine personnels beds.

Total there are seven sections in the sub. Among others are electricity machine section, logistic section, bathrooms, and other functional sections. We can see also the periscope, a tool for seeing something from furtive position. In each section, there is a board of signage and also some little explanation about the section.

The white-painted metal frame in the right is beds for sub personnels.

The machine.
Is it okay, Mbak? 
Periscope and bathroom.
No worry of feeling hot inside because the sub is aircon-ed. But still hot, sih. After we exited from the sub, we watched documentary film about Indonesian navy in video rama. Not so good, because the gilm made in 1998, and nowadays is 2012! Still in the Monkasel area, there is also public swimming pool.

Monumen Kapal Selam Surabaya (Surabaya Submarine Monument)
Address: Jalan Pemuda 39, Surabaya
Phone/Fax: +62 31 5490410
Opening hours: 08.00-22.00

Plushstories: Hi, Stephie!

Once upon a time, Shirley and Shirloy looked seriously at my cellphone.

"Wow, that's us," Shirley said.

"Hm, I think not deh. They look alike us, but no ah I think," Shirloy explained.

"What are you two doing, hey?" I asked them.

"Is this us, or not?" Shirley asked.

"Let me see."

"A, not you lah. They are Mbak Stephie's sheep," I explained.

"Who is Mbak Stephie?" Shirley asked.

"Mbak Stephie is my blogfriend. One day, she sent me e-mail, she told me that she like Shirley and Shaun much. Mbak Stephie is a doctor but she loves plushies very much. Next few days, she bought the sheep plushies. Then she told me that she always laugh if she looks her three sheep. My mom and Mbak Lis told me that I'm nut because I always giggle when I see you, but listen! Mbak Stephie is like that too, hahaha!

Mbak Stephie lives not far from here. But I have never met her yet. She's a writer and already published her first novel: My Beautiful Best Friend. Her blog is"

"Then, you should take picture of us and send it to Mbak Stephie," Shirley asked me.

"Okay, then."

"Ah, you all haven't had your shower yet yak? No, no, I won't send the photo. You all look ugly."

"Booo..." they all yelled at me.

"Hi, Stephie!" Shirloy greeted.

Korea-Indonesia Friendship Park

Jalan Dr. Soetomo Surabaya has been known as luxurious area for the rich for a long time. In that road, we can find a park named: Taman Persahabatan Korea-Indonesia. Literally translated as Korea-Indonesia Friendship Park. In the middle of the park there is a monument commemorating the friendship between those two countries. It was built on an area of 2600 square meters. Launched in May 8th, 2010, it was designed for public sphere. The construction and design were borne by Korean government and the management, land provision for the park, were by Surabaya government.

My friend and I went there last month. Actually I asked (or forced??) him to take me there because I wanted to know what kind of park is it. After I arrived there, I saw it was a park which was very hot, only few shade trees, and there was no bench so many children sat in the monument. In outer part of the park there was a jogging track. In the side of the park there was a stone which commemorate 15th anniversary of relationship between the sister provinces, East Java and Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea.

The friendship monument. 
There are typos! futher and virification.
So... does East Java have brother? 
The park.
The script in the monument is written in Bahasa Indonesian and Korean. Written there it was built for promoting the friendship between Indonesia and Korea and also hopes for world peace. I just wonder, is there any oso monument like this in Korea? Which commemorate friendship between Indonesia and Korea? I'm curious.

My First Oxtail Soup

Usually, I never want to eat beef except the meat part. I feel like disgusting to eat like beef heart, brain, tongue, testicle (yuck!), and you-know-what part of meat of cow. But yesterday, I tried to eat a bowl of oxtail soup. I've never tried it before though it's very muchos popular in Indonesia.

My friend and I were confused about what did we want to eat. First we wanted to eat Raffel's, it sells yummy burgers and sandwiches and also best iced tea in Jakarta (really!). But we like, oh my god, Raffel's again, Raffel's again. Suddenly my friend remembered about the oxtail soup. She wanted to try it. Okay, so I told her I've never eat oxtail soup, but I knew that the place where we want to eat is really well-known because of its oxtail soup.

My mom said oxtail soup from Hotel Borobudur has been really famous even since 80s. Until today. Really amazing. My friend also wanted to prove what my mom said. So I ordered oxtail soup size small and iced peppermint tea. Aji also ordered same meal.

When I go to Pacific Place, I always see someone or two bringing box that written there Sop Buntut Bogor Cafe. And yesterday I tried that. Bogor Cafe is the name of restaurant in Hotel Borobudur which sells the oxtail soup but now it has a branch in Pacific Place. I thought a bowl of soup will cost me about 50K IDR, ahahaha but! The small one costs 78K IDR. Expensivooo for meee! The legendary, the big size one price is 108K IDR.

The menu. 
Oxtail soup. Small. 
And the rice and the emping. 
Iced teaaa~
It tastes like... soup. I also ate the beef fat, actually I don't like it ewwww. Delicious but for me not so special lah. Very confused why these oxtail soups very famous eh. My friend said that it was delicious compared to another oxtail soups. My mom said that if we buy in Hotel Borobudur would be more tasty because the pan, cooking wares has long been used so the fat from the pan will make the soup will be more tasteful, wehehehe!

When my friend asked me, "Will you eat here again?"
I only could answer, "Maybe, if I come again with my mom or someone who will pay the bill, ahahaha."


Sop Buntut Bogor Cafe
Pacific Place 5th Floor, Unit 5/57
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52/53

A Gift From Jogja

I was really sleepy while my mother was coming from airport. But when she said, "You got birthday gift from your aunt!" Suddenly my eyes could open widely. She gave me gift which put in a beautiful box, purple one. I opened the box and voila... six bars of Cokelat Monggo! Hurrraaayyy!

Cokelat Monggo is produced in Kotagede, Jogjakarta and quite popular there also in another cities. Monggo has been being souvenirs from Jogja for years. In Jakarta, we can found them in Circle-K or supermarkets but I never can find my favorite flavor: Marzipan. And my aunt knows me lah. She gave six bars and three of them are Marzipan! Woo-hoo!

Before, I didn't so like these chocolates. But older I am, my tongue also more intelligent. Monggo is not so so delicious, but not bad lah. Moreover it has my beloved flavor, sooo I love ittt! Marzipan is like almond, or cherry flavor. Yummyyyy~

The purple box.
Aawww yummy!
My favorite!
This was also my first time trying the milk one. Not so good for me. Marzipan is the best!
Do you like chocolate?

River Cruise in Singapore

I hate comparing Indonesia with other countries. Every country has its specialties, uniqueness, and wonders. But I think it is natural if we go to abroad and feel like the transportation, the tourism, so on so on more going well than in Indonesia and directly I just compare them. Hahaha, sorry Indonesia. For example is like what I want to review in this post. Singapore river cruise. Singapore offers us, the tourists to take a boat and cruising the river. The river is not so clean very muchos but if I could compare with Ciliwung...........

Wehehehe! In this case I wonder if Ciliwung had river cruise like in Singapore.

Singapore River Cruise is built to preserve the heritage of using bumboats in river. Back then the bumboats still not machine-powered (tongkangs), different with today. My friend, Anne, and I took the boat from near of Merlion Park. Costs us 18SGD each person.

There are three quays we pass: Boat Quay, Robertson Quay, and Clarke Quay. Also we can see many bridges there like Esplanade Bridge, Elvin Bridge, etc. Some of them is built in British Empire colony era. And the last we can see many Singapore landmarks like Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, and Raffles Landing Site.

Below the Esplanade bridge. 
Business District.
Singapore flyer on the right. 
The door of the boat, my lens is not wide enough to capture it.
Singapore River Cruise offers two packages. The option is Tale of 2 Quays and Tale of 3 Quays. We picked the first one, of course quicker than the other option. I did enjoy my journey with the riverboat but I didn't get stunned with this. I couldn't say WOW with rolling my body but I thought this was enjoyable.

Singapore River Cruise

Egg Tarts by Margaret's Cafe e Nata, Must Eat in Macau!

When I browsed some references for travelling in Macau, I often found informations about Margaret's Cafe e Nata. The specialty of Margaret's is also the specialty of Macau: Portuguese Egg Tarts. Many reviews say that Margaret's egg tarts are the best in town. Of course, I was curious since I love egg tart. So my friend, Bellita and I planned to go there. And we did it!

Very lucky we were because Margaret's Cafe e Nata is located behind our hostel where we stayed. Just walked for some meters and turned left, we could found our high-priority destination. But when I tried to reach there in afternoon, the Margaret's Cafe had already closed. So we tried next morning. Hell yeah, Margaret's was very crowded. Very busy. We had to queue for maybe 10 minutes.

Margaret's also sell many other bakeries and beverages. But all we wanted eat is egg tart! So we two each ordered egg tarts (of course) and a cup of hot chocolate. The employee gave our four egg tarts and a card with number. We had to wait our hot chocolate. Here it is, the best egg tarts in Macau!

Oh my god!
Do you want some?
The egg tarts are not so expensive, 9MOP/HKD each and the chocolate was like 12 MOP/HKD. I took a first bite and yes, I agreed all those reviews which say the egg tarts is great. Very great. Egg tarts by Bread Talk not so great lah compared to Margaret's. The pastry crust, outer part of egg tarts were very delicious and the custard part was very soft and made me addicted to those tart. Oh God... I planned to buy more egg tarts before, but after I finished my two egg tarts, my stomach was already full.

Because I already got stunned by the egg tarts, I forgot to take picture of the hot chocolate. Quite delicious also and warming my body in winter season in Macau.

Margaret's Cafe e Nata
G/F, 17A Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
(853) 2871 0032

Enjoying Hong Kong in 360° at Sky 100

My mom asked where I wanted to go. At that moment was about at 11.00 am and I had to catch my flight back to Jakarta at 4pm. I answered her, Sky 100. She was okay and we went there! We caught MTR from Causeway Bay going to Kowloon and got to International Commerce Centre (ICC), the fifth highest skyscraper in the world, the building where Sky 100 is located.

Sky 100 is observation deck and open to public since April 2011. Located in 100th floor of ICC, we could see Hong Kong panorama in 360 degree. We could see the northern part of Hong Kong Island and some part of Kowloon. The ticket costs 150 HKD but fortunately I got some discount because I took Cathay Pacific, so I got 120 HKD. Still expensive, though. Before entering the ticket centre, there are monitors and projectors shows us in the wall how the building was built and the facts about ICC. In the ticket counter, there is board that tell the time the sunset will come. I think it is very great to see sunset in 100th floor!

The ticket.
The highest floor in ICC is in number 118. There is Ritz-Carlton in 102th-118th if you want to stay in one of highest hotel in the world. In the 118th floor itself there is swimming pool and reportedly it is highest in the world. Wanna some try? My mom's office is in 88th floor. And of course the Sky 100 is in the 100th floor. ICC is located in altitute 484m and the Sky 100 is 393m.

There are special elevators that can go up only to Sky 100. If we go to the elevator, the lamp inside will be flickering colorfully. And after it stop and reach the 100th floor, it will go off. My mom said it was so quicly the elevator reaching the 100th floor. The employee said it go up for four minutes, my mom said like that. But it was 'for a minute', not 'four minutes'.

I saw the deck and all I could say, only place like this, so expensivoo? Hahaha... But it was very beautiful to see Hong Kong from above. The buildings, strait, skyscrapers, great! And the deck has many facilities. We can not only see Hong Kong but also learn about the culture, the tourism objects, etc through the pictures and displays there. If you're hungry, there is a restaurant. If you want to use internet, there is free wifi. Also there is a souvenir shop. If you're dying to pee, there is clean restroom. Try to pee in 100th floor! Woohoo! And the pee will flow down very quickly with acceleration of gravitation.


How's Hong Kong dude? 
West Kowloon. 
I want eaaattt thaaaat!
though Sky 100 is quite expensive (for me only maybe T.T), but I recommend you to go there. Especially for you who those have fear of heights. *evil smirk*

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck
100/F, International Commerce Centre
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Not Jammed Jakarta, Yes It Was

Yesterday, I accompanied my supernanny, Mbak Lis, to pick up my mom from her office. She said there was no any taxis. Yes, usually she took taxi to go home. Our car passed through Casablanca, which was so jammed because of the non-toll bridge construction connecting Kampung Melayu to Tanah Abang.

After picking up my mom, we passed the same way we took off before. Casablanca again. Jammed again. After Terowongan Casablanca, Kuburan Menteng Pulo, jammed again. Then my mind went back remembering when I was child. Back then, I often joined my father to pick up my mom in her office, in Sudirman. We passed through Casablanca or the alternative one through Gatot Subroto. Turn left after Polda, there was no traffic jam even in Sudirman. Even there was a popular song and the lyric like: The road jammed, jammed again. Because the Komo passed by. Komo is a character adapted from Komodo which is created by Kak Seto.

I confused, which roads Komo made the traffic jam? Since back then, Sudirman was not so jammed like nowadays!

So I asked my mom when we picked up her yesterday.

Me: "I remember when I was a child, my father and I went to your office, and the roads are not jammed."
Mom: "Yeah of course, it was 20 years ago!"
Me: "No, mom, 15 years."
Mom: "Still the same. Nowadays Jakarta changed a lot from 15 years ago."
Me: "Back then, Sudirman was not so jammed like this, right?"
Mom: "Yeah it was..."

I, myself if I saw traffic jam like in the photos I took above, my head could easily get dizzy or migraine. Really. Luckily, my school now is not located in crowded and 'central' area, so I still feel okay. And what I want is... get away from Jakarta as soon as possible. But when I will graduate? That's the most important question.

Blog Review: Stupid Monkey

Finally, first post in this blog! Huurraaayy! First of all, I want to thank to God, who created me, to my parents who produced me, especially my mom who bought me computer and subscribed internet at my home so I can enjoy blogging, and also thank to my brothaaa, Stupid Monkey, who set this blog into this domain.

Anyway, Stumon, which I usually call him by, forced me to make a blog review about his blog. Okay, I am a kind and cool person, so I was okay to make him one. So here it is: Blog Review: Stupid Monkey!

Stupid Monkey blog header.
I knew his blog since last year, maybe October or November 2011. From his posts I knew that he loves to go to mountains. He even declared that he already stepped all the peak in Java. Is that true, Stumon?  Also in his blog banner says: Alam diciptakan untuk dirawat, dicinta dan dijelajahi, which means nature is created to be nurtured, to be loved, and to be explored. He also love Bob Marley and always claim that he looks alike Marley. Pret! Marley is mooorrrreee handsome you know thaaat! Anyway...

His blog not so kinda all about nature thingies. He also post some news, informations, updates, also chit-chat, joke, and so on. He likes to say: wew. I don't know what does it mean. His blog was so interactive. I said was. After mid-year, and after he moved to another city, his blog was rarely updated. Recently, I saw he frequently updated his blog.

He is a nice person. I mean if we have troubles in setting blog or about internet, and we ask him, he will teach and instruct us patiently. But he is not nice, too. He didn't help me to cross the road when I asked him nicely! *please don't shut off my blog, hahaha*

Want to see him? This is his pic.

Stupid Monkey.
Sorry my camera resolution only 700 pixels.
Want to know him more, just go to his blog: